25 Years Gem Kingdom at HP France Tokyo

25 Years Gem Kingdom at HP France Tokyo

Dutch jewelry brand Gem Kingdom has been sold for about 15 years at H.P. France Bijoux Tokyo.

This year Gem Kingdom celebrated their 25th anniversary with an exhibition at Museum Coda; a spin-off of this exhibit was held at the Tokyo boutique of H.P. France Bijoux. Mimi Berlin’s Traumhauser/Dreamhomes were (a small) part of that presentation.

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View the original exhibition at Coda Museum HERE on this blog

Gem Kingdom Jewelry at Coda Museum

Gem Kingdom Jewelry at Coda Museum

This year, 2015, Dutch jewelry label Gem Kingdom celebrates it’s 25th anniversary. They do that with a retrospective exhibition at Museum Coda in The Netherlands. Gem Kingdom was founded in 1990 by designers Johanna Titselaar and Bernard Jongstra, their first “ad campaign” featured a poodle wearing a GK necklace. During the opening, (May 31, 2015) of the exhibition they revived this image by entering the museum lobby accompanied by two Standard Poodles. Fiona Hering, fashion editor of Vogue NL, opened the celebration with an entertaining speech. (see party snaps HERE)

Gem Kingdom created a wonderful exhibition, showcasing their jewelry in an art window of 3 meters high and 37 meters long, incorporating objects and images to show “The Gem Kingdom Atmosphere”. Walking from the left past this huge window, which starts with an image collage wall with Baby Statue “Josephine” as centerpiece, you pass by various chapters of Gem Kingdom Design. Like a.o. the first ever collection with a Giant Poodle, made entirely out of moss, created for this exhibit by Andreas Verheijen. The Wall ends at the “Hall of Fame” at the right, showing collaborations with artists, illustrators, photographers, brands (a.o. Céline), and more theatrical designs for musicals and movies. (click images above for more information)

We, at Mimi Berlin, collaborated with the Gem Kingdom as well in the past, our Boudoir Dreamhome/Traumhaus is incorporated in the exhibition, decorated with heart shaped jewelry and serving as backdrop for the Souvenir Baby Statue: “Home is where the Heart is”. We are honoured! (Open: May 31 /  October 25, 2015)

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Fresh Party Snaps: Gem Kingdom at Coda

Fresh Party Snaps: Gem Kingdom at Coda

Fresh Party Snaps: GemKingdom at Coda
Standard Poodles wearing jewelry by Gem Kingdom, at the opening of the retrospective exhibition; 25 years of Gem Kingdom Jewelry at museum Coda.
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Yes! We, at Mimi Berlin, do take “party snaps” now and then.
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Ich Will Ein Fisch Im Wasser Sein

gem_kingdom_x_mimi_berlin_fish_im_wasser Gem Kingdom x Mimi Berlin, 2014. (Assembled Bronze/1980s pressed glass/Axa Bike Lamp)  Ich Will ein Fisch im Wasser Sein is a statuette made with found objects which doubles as a lamp. It is the first collaboration by the Gem Kingdom and Mimi Berlin Specials Ich Will ein Fisch im Wasser Sein is made by hand and can be made to order, all UNIQUE pieces. Please contact Mimi Berlin for more information.
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The Gem Kingdom Loves Mimi Berlin’s History of Circus Legends

And Mimi Berlin loves The Jewelry Designers of the Gem Kingdom! They decided to incorporate Mimi Berlin’s “History of Circus Legends” in their winter presentation at the Premiere Classe in Paris (February 28> March 3 2014). (The Gem Kingdom can be found at stand B29) View a short movie of this presentation HERE

Premiere Classe is a fashion trade show:  “When Luxury meets Creation” is the essential meeting point for creation in Paris at the Premiere Classe. For the past 24 years and twice a year, PREMIERE CLASSE has taken over the heart of the French capital when Paris welcomes the designer fashion shows. PREMIERE CLASSE presents a selection of 350 edgy high end fashion designers who draw the attention of the world’s most exclusive retailers at the Jardin des Tuileries, Terrasse des Feuillants, Paris.