George Michael has sadly passed away last year. He became a famous in the 1980s with his band WHAM! At the same time Katherine Hamnett‘s oversized, white slogan t-shirts, the ones with the large block letters, were equally populair. These t-shirts were launched in 1983. We are quite sure that everyone can see the simlarity between the t-shirts and the billboard placed by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969 “war is over of you want it”. (pictured above on Times Square in New York City but it was simultaneously displayed at Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles and at six European cities). Both are protesting against ‘unfairness’ in the world.
Well, Just that. Have a happy 2017 Y’all! xoxo

Mimi Berlin isn’t the only one with treasures in the attic: Ms Wilhelmina found an original Hamnett t-shirt on her’s!
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(images via yoko ono / / thahanks Rex Dieter, Twan Janssen und Ms Wilhelmina)

If you think we missed some (historical) similar, visually equal, protests, besides picket lines, please let us know! We are interested….!


Mimi Berlin’s Rebus puzzle #14

Mimi Berlin’s Rebus Puzzle #14
+C  U=O
From top to bottom; 1)”Having bought a star map I drove a carload of us, around Beverley Hills hunting slebs. Again we didn’t see any and as I was driving I didn’t get opportunity to take many photos.The map reckoned this was George Michael’s house…” by H4NUM4N.
2)George Michael and his  background singers dressed up.Performing for the “Let’s go outside” clip, 1998. (via)