Man Parkplatz Sauberhalten MB Stock Diptych 3

Sauberhalten Diptych

Sauberhalten is the third dyptich on offer from Mimi Berlin’s image library. Take a look, maybe you need this imagery, and maybe you don’t. Either way, have a nice day! xoxo Mimi Berlin
Man Parkplatz Sauberhalten consist of MAN (MB000005) and Parkplatz Sauberhalten (MB000006) ©mimiberlin2019
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Mimi Berlin’s image library

MB Stock Images is Mimi Berlin’s image library. Added and unique value to Mimi Berlin’s library is that you buy in pairs, always and only. In other words it’s a diptych image library. View the MB Diptych Image Library by clicking this sentence.

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Björk’s Distorted Drag Makeup by Isshehungry

Bjork’s Distorted Drag Makeup by Isshehungry

@isshehungry works and lives in Berlin, Germany. ‘Hungry’ is a very talented makeup artist, crossing the bounderies of the common perception of beauty. The created faces almost look like a Photoshop session gone wild; but don’t let them fool you: it’s all painted for real! Did you know: the face of Björk on the ‘Utopia’ album cover has been done by Hungry…..Nice!


(imagecredits; björk/@isshehyungry)

Links: Björk’s ninth album: Utopia/Read an interview with’Hungry’ here;

Schwarze Katz Wine from Zell

Schwarze Katz Wine from Zell

Schwarze Katz; wine in a cat shaped wine bottle

“According to legend, three wine merchants came to the town of Zell (in Germany) to buy wine. They narrowed their choice to three barrels, but they couldn’t agree on which was best. A black cat suddenly jumped on one of the barrels, arched its back and swiped its paw at anyone who tried to get close. They quickly chose the barrel so obstinately defended by the cat, thinking that it probably contained the best wine. If your bottle can tell a story, fantastic. And if it can appeal to the millions of kitty cat lovers in the wine aisle, even better!  Another bottle that begs to be reused after the wine is long gone.”


Oktoberfest Cathedrals by Michael von Hassel

Oktoberfest Cathedrals by Michael von Hassel

Oktoberfest (or Wiesn) is an annual German, Bavarian to be exact, traditional festival where people meet and drink lots, lots of beer, eat meat and sauerkraut.
They party in huge beer-tents set up throughout the city of Munich..

Michael von Hassel photographed these tents at 4:00 AM when they were empty,
and came up with great images. On exhibit at the Rathausgalerie Kunsthalle in München untill 10/10/2015
want to visit the Oktoberfest, It ends on Sunday, October 4th, 2015 11.30 pm > check it out here (img via muenchenspiegel)

Sigmar Polke in the Grossmünster Cathedral

Sigmar Polke in the Grossmünster Cathedral

Goodmorning! Today we’ll visit Church because it’s Sunday. Have a Nice Day! xoxo Mimi

Sigmar Polke made 17 glass stained windows for the Grossmunster cathedral in Zürich, Germany. They were placed in 2009. The Roman cathedral also houses windows by Giacometti, which were placed in 1932. (img via thecurseandthecure)

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