Must-See God’s Plan new video by Drake

Must-See God’s Plan new music video by Drake

This! No words. ‘Anything you want in this store is free’. Drake made a lot of people beyond happy, including us at Mimi Berlin. Hope you get something out of it as well.
Peace xoxo Mimi


In this video performing artist Drake is giving away about 1 million dollars to people and charities in Miami: do make sure you watch it till the end! God’s Plan is part of ‘Scary Hours’ Drake’s newest EP whith 2 songs only: ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ (The EP was Released in the weekend of the government shutdown in the USA. January 20, 2018) Continue reading

Mimi Magazines Coverstory

Mimi Magazines Coverstory

Way back in 2010 we, at Mimi Berlin, had a little business selling our collection of Vintage Fashion Magazines from the attic. We also had a copy of a Vogue UK, the September issue of 1967 with Dutch, then, model Willy van Rooy on the cover (500 grams/€65,–) Somehow we found out that Ms van Rooy didn’t own a copy of this particular issue and so we sended her ours. We did ask if she could make a picture for us, (see that one above) that she did. We also could pick out some of her jewelry, which Willy van Rooy designs herself and sells in her Etsy store.
Now that’s what we call a good, fashionable MimiMagazines swap!

We have still some vintagedeluxe fashion magazines for sale left, see them HERE