Victorian Fashion Items in White

Victorian Fashion Items in White

It’s so wonderful that historical clothes (and anything else from yesteryears) are conservated don’t you think?

Historic Gloves

Thoughts on (Historic) Gloves: Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2013 collection was inspired by the early 18th Century Anglican Low Church, which grant great importance to evangelical doctrines, church rituals, and church authority. The designer came up with these modern versions of communion like accessories. We wonder, if these gloves and jewelry will survive 300 years like the antique “souvenir glove”, what people will write about them in the future. This is what The Metropolitan Museum of Art writes about the white glove dating from 1824:

“Fashion designates geography, and memories of place are embodied in clothing. A portable art, clothing establishes a sense of locale by means of description, mapping, and memory. We cannot transport or transplant the place (or the experience), but we can use our wardrobes as odysseys and souvenirs. These gloves portray Lafayette and may commemorate his visit to the United States in 1824.” (read more metmuseum)(Images from the Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2013 runway from

VintageDeLuxe gloves

Model Sticking Through Wall Applying Lipstick. Photographed by John Rawlings in ca 1943.© Condé Nast Archive/CORBIS.

Erwin Blumenfeld: Vogue september 1954.(via)

Erwin Blumenfeld: more gloves photographed in 1947.
Model holding cigarette in cigarette holder by Alfred Orlik, and wearing doeskin gloves. Photographed by Serge Balkin in ca, 1946. © Condé Nast Archive/Corbis.

A perfect day at the office

Vintage Deluxe treasures owned by Ms Ulrike Träge.

She has a mi-ma marvelous collection of vintage and antique clothing, books, accessoiries, buttons, shoes, bags etc. etc. Everything to do with fashion and clothing she keeps in her vault. The feathers, for example, are antique (no moths!) The gloves are from the sixties. These pictures are not the tip of the iceberg, no, they are just crumbles on the table….