Cave of the Crystals in Mexico

Cave of the Crystals in Mexico

Where People are tiny. The ‘Cave of the Crystals’ lies 120 meters below the ‘Cave of Swords’

cave-of-crystals-mexicoCave of the Crystals or Giant Crystal Cave (Cueva de los Cristales) is a cave connected to the Naica Mine 300 metres (980 ft) below the surface in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. (thahanks Beja von Bis) Continue reading

Milano designweek 2014: Miniatures

Mimi Berlin noticed a mini trend: Miniatures. We have to be honest we only saw mini furniture at Dutch exhibitions so it really isn’t a trend, it’s an ienie mini trend or maybe just something the Dutch are interested in. At Lensvelt the designs by Maarten van Severen were miniaturized, since Lensvelt produces the furniture by the Belgian designer it can be a logical move to show them in a small size. Moooi showcased black miniatures in the hallway to the actual exhibition, where everything was larger than life and very colorful. We guess Moooi was looking for a contradiction. At Supermodels, a travelling exhibition about product design, architecture and interior architecture initiated by Concern, we saw an overview of 3D printed chairs in white by Dutch designers. Also they made a complete miniature sized design dollhouse in full color! Fun! The maquettes or scale models (1:18) of houses designed by Dutch archtitects shown at Supermodels can’t be counted in as miniatures because they are functional design devices. But these scale models were the only accountability for showing miniature furniture in white.

Fashion: Black and Round

Fashion: Black and Round: fashion in the early 1990s was about black…….

Comme des garcons via mimi-berlin.tumblr / Ann demeulmeester  via bananapatato

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Woman in a Light Bulb


4th August 1934 : Woman in a light bulb. Curated by Amanda Uren (Deputy curator for since 2011.) “Marian Holmes knelt inside the glass of a 100,000-watt incandescent bulb to be exhibited by the Westinghouse Company at the World Fair in Chicago. She held a 60-watt bulb for comparison. The caption noted that the bulb “must be strong enough to withstand a crushing strain of 40,000 pounds.”“ (via messytimetravel)

Petros Chrisostomou’s Shoes

Petros Chrisostomou photographs small-scale, ordinary, ephemeral objects in architectural models that he constructs himself, and then dramatically arranges, often employing lighting and staging conventions of the theatre. With the alteration of scale and reversal of the relation between object and environment, between imaginary and real space, his photographs challenge the viewer’s visual certainties. The illusionary effect he achieves highlights the artist’s playful approach, which fluctuates between mimicry of the real world and construction of a surreallistic reality. (read more Petros Chrisostomou)

petros chrisostomouOn the left: A photo booth picture of the artist himself found on his website. A small scale Petros Chrisostomou, cute! Mr Chrisostomou plays with all kinds of every-day-objects but we, at Mimi Berlin, do like the shoes the best. We also chose the most pretty ones for you, the hooker kind of shoes Mr Chrisostomou worked with we didn’t like so much, but if you are curious or in love with those kinds of heels visit his website and check them out for yourself.
(All images courtesy of Petros Chrisostomou©-via garisandhahn via zeets-theworld via artsy)