Gummischtuck goes Tribal

Gummischtuck goes Tribal
Gummischtuck goes Tribal mimi berlin“A great way to wear the tribal or ethnic look is with accessories. Mention the word tribal accessories and the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is big chunky necklace made of multiple rows of beads or a head dress with exotic feathers in it. All of us carry a couple of pieces of ethnic or tribal accessories in our wardrobe knowingly or unknowingly. It could be a chunky beaded necklace, silk thread bangles, a cowrie embellished belt, beaded footwear or a quirky tribal hair band. This season, the effort is to put wild pieces together with tame or boring clothing to create a statement making look.” (read more at afromeetseuro)

Dog and Jil Sander Bag

Gummischtuck is Mathilde Admiral’s best friend, she (Gummischtuck is female) even helps out by choosing the proper bag. Doggy G. likes this design by Jil Sander (summer 2013) ’cause they have the same ears (they do, have a closer look at the first picture) and fits tightly around her old, yet petite body. So It’s certainly a two thumbs up for and jil sander bagdog and jil sander bag
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Model sketching

Goodmorning! Another day another Sunday.
Let’s portray something we really love. The other day Mathilde Admiral sketched Gummischtück, a fine example of craftsmanship we must say. Don’t let this crafted image put you off, even when your not the master of the pencil, just put your heart to it and your sketch will always be beautiful!
model sketching dog
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