Polaroids by Guy Bourdin

Polaroids by Guy Bourdin

Polaroids in Black and White by fashion photographer Guy Bourdin (1928–1991),
What do we see here? You ask of us when you were born in the digital age. Well here we have a set of polaroid pictures they are in black and white because the colored ones didn’t exist yet. Polaroids were made before the actual shooting begun to see if the composition, light etc. was right. They were THE tool before taking the actual (colour, in this case) pictures with a film-roll in the camera (gathered by Rex Dieter,  via actualcolorsmayvary)


 Daytripping, with the most iconic fashion photographers from the 20th Century (image editing by Mimi Berlin)

Helmut Newton, New York 1990.

Sightseeing. Melvin Sokolsky for Harper’s Bazaar, 1963.

William Klein, 1963.

Reading. Photo by Irving Penn.

Exercising. Photo by Helmut Newton, 1973.

Relaxing. Photo by ?

Playing. Steven Meisel, Versace ad 1998.

Prepping. Photo by Guy Bourdin.

Partying. Photo by Richard Avedon, 1953.

Stylized death in fashion

Stylized death in fashion

Pretty but questionable…
nicola kuperus
From the movie ‘decampment’ photo by Nicola Kuperus
©Guy Bourdin, Roland Pierre, 1983 (via)
Dsquared2 Summer 2008 campaign by Steven Meisel; car crash testng…. and then some.
Photo’s by Melanie Pullen created her “High Fashion Crime Scenes” series based off of actual vintage crime-scene photographs mined from the files of the Los Angeles Police Department and the County Corner’s Office.


steven meisel
photo by Steven Meisel (vogue Italia sept. 2005)
I’m sure there are more pictures to be found, if you have favotites please share….thanks.