Veronica Lake Seen From Above

Veronica Lake Seen From Above

Have you ever seen the queen of blonde manes from above? No?
This image by Bob Landry was also new to us.
Victoria Lake used to be very populair for her hair but this picture is next level hair adoration……Veronica Lake Seen From Above“View looking down on the glorious, wavy honey-blond hair of actress Veronica Lake as she shows that it is parted on the left side, at home. (Photo by Bob Landry/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)” (Image via GettyImages)

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Read the Manual

Read the Manual

The Military Manual.

Rules, rules, rules! Read the manual for dressing and fighting; Come prepared for battle
-Cadet Field Manual (images via )
-“This Kit Layout was first published in a book called  “Survival – Technologies from the Official Training Manuals of the World’s Elite Military Corps” in 1988. “The kit shown is the basic general layout that will be insisted upon during your training as a recruit at an infantry depot. However, in war this layout would cetainly change to some extent to accommodate more ammunition. With efficient management, you should be able to live on the contents of your webbing for at least 48 hours.” (Editor Len Cacutt)” (images/ read more )

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Fashion Fairy Tale: Hair

Fashion Fairy Tale: Hair How wonderful are these hairdo’s for Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2014 show!? Each “do” is a story in itself! Lovely…Make sure to click the pictures to view them enlarged. (images via dollyphyton)

Poodles with Secrets

angry poodles
(photocredits: Looking back / looking forward Issue 1/Atem books)poodles at the hairsalon
(photocredits cafemom)

No their curls aren’t natural, here is the proof. These twin poodles are getting a perm at the local dog grooming shop. Bet they had they’re teeth bleached as well. #disappointingknowledge

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Adventure #22: Tosti has a Change of Hair

As we all know Tosti is a little Diva, and he likes to dress up. The other day he just had enough of his curly locks, they had to be changed. He decided upon being a blonde. tosti at the doggy parlour
It took ages at the doggy parlour, but the result was stunning: A blonde beehive for Tosti!Tosti blond beehive
We hope he can maintain this new hairdo!!

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