This is How We Do it: Mimi Berlin’s Party Snapper went overboard and took about 170 photo’s at the Opening Party of 1027 in Amsterdam. (November 29, 2013)
mimi_berlin_1027-PARTY SANPS
On the right; dressed in white, Taco Stuiver, Chef de Cabine and Creative Director of 1027.

You can get a haircut at 1027, The shop is located at the Raamsteeg 2 in Amsterdam. Call 020 4226796 for appointments.

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Poodles with Secrets

angry poodles
(photocredits: Looking back / looking forward Issue 1/Atem books)poodles at the hairsalon
(photocredits cafemom)

No their curls aren’t natural, here is the proof. These twin poodles are getting a perm at the local dog grooming shop. Bet they had they’re teeth bleached as well. #disappointingknowledge

Danke Schön, Freundin T und Mr Vintage!!

Adventure #22: Tosti has a Change of Hair

As we all know Tosti is a little Diva, and he likes to dress up. The other day he just had enough of his curly locks, they had to be changed. He decided upon being a blonde. tosti at the doggy parlour
It took ages at the doggy parlour, but the result was stunning: A blonde beehive for Tosti!Tosti blond beehive
We hope he can maintain this new hairdo!!

You can visit Tosti on Instagram and join his Facebook Page

Raymond Bessone

Raymond Bessone, aka ‘Mr Teazie Weazie’ was the celebrity hairdresser in the 1950’s and 1970’s. Except for girls under 20, Bessone considered that women should avoid having long hair because he considered it ageing. He was also of the opinion that, except for women with very regular features, a central parting should be avoided. The modern (1960’s) bouffant is considered to be a Bessone
invention.He also innovated by dyeing hair with bold colours; pink, orange and purple. And he was the one who trained Vidal Sassoon.

With actress Diana Dors

Working on Lauren Bacall (via)
Danke Schön, Rex Dieter!

Brand and Webdesign for HairSalon TATI by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin

Brand and Webdesign for HairSalon TATI by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin

Appdikted designed the site for the Dutch hairsalon Tati Kappers (tr from Dutch: hairdressers) The graphics on this site are also designed by Appdikted as well as the image of the splash page, which is a photo of the Shopfront, or rather the Salonfront. This site was build in Adobe Dreamweaver by the multi-talented A. (don’t dare to mention the name again!)

Brand and Webdesign for HairSalon TATI  by Appdikted @Mimi Berlin

We, at Mimi Berlin think this is a lovely site, and so did our cliënts!

View more (brand) designs for the internet by Appdikted HERE