Sakura Jelly

Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese.

Widely celebrated in Japanese literature, poetry, and art, sakura carry layered meanings. For example, because they bloom briefly, the blossoms are often seen as a metaphor for the ephemeral beauty of living. At the same time, the joyful tradition of hanami (flower viewing) is an old and ongoing tradition. The practice was first associated with plum blossoms before becoming almost exclusively linked with cherry blossoms by the Heian Period (794–1185). With wider exposure to Japanese art and culture in the nineteenth century, audiences in the U.S. and around the world embraced sakura as a particularly Japanese cultural hallmark.(read more

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How to make Sakura jelly

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Green Boiled Eggs

Green Boiled Eggs: In our search for “surrealistic food” we also came across things you can do to an egg. The tips and tricks we found to handle eggs are mostly made to feed a child, but with a little imagination these molds (and what have you) can be a great start for a seriously beautiful and surreal meal.

Earlier we posted a, somewhat more glamorous, recipe for Disco eggs

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Cotton Candy

Photo by Nina Leen (via LIFE) -original is a B&W photo made pink by Mimi Berlin.

“Bare Essentials” Zink magazine, october 2009, photographed by Billy Kidd (via deseased)


The Magic Perrier Recipe
– Enough cotton candy to fill the glass. Strawberry is the best flavor for this cocktail, but it can also be enjoyed with other flavors as well & – 33 cl of PERRIER (via perrier mixology)
OR: Recipe for Hans Peter’s cotton candy fizz cocktail
Fill glass with pink cotton candy and slowly pour champagne over it.  (via trueobsession)

Bon Appetit! x Hans Peter

Recipe: Disco Eggs

Hallo meine Mimi Freunde…..this is Hans Peter reporting from the sleepy Italienisch village of Breganze were we do have internet. I stumbled upon  the “daily recommendations” from Fantastic Man This week they are all about cooking . This particular recipe is SO worth sharing because of it’s beauty.  How to make a Disco Egg!!
(Photography: John Verde.)
Amazing, amazingness! Why only paint the exterior of eggs this Easter weekend when one can also paint the insides? Simply – pickled eggs in beetroot. – 6 eggs
– 100ml 12% vinegar
– 200ml sugar
– 300ml beetroot juice
– 5 cloves 1. Hard-cook the eggs, using Monday’s method. 2. In a separate pot, mix vinegar, sugar and beetroot juice and bring to a boil. 3. Peel eggs and put in a sterile jar. Cover the eggs with liquid mixture. 4. Refrigerate for 48 hours. 5. Voila! Inside painted eggs. “
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Introducing Hans Peter

Here we go, Hanschen’s First Post;
Heute in der Küche mit Hans Peter…!!

Hallo meine Mimi Freunde…..this is Hans Peter reporting from the sleepy Italienisch village of Breganze. Today’s dish of the day is the old German institutional platter of Wurst mit Sauerkraut, the very foundation of the German Küche…..

Cooking Tips……Plenty of vinegar in the Sauerkraut, it should make your eyes water and your nose run like Rennzeiten on heat…!!

Take care not to over boil the Wurst and always keep the water after, it makes a great cure for Halsschmerzen…!!

Viel Spaß in der Küche…!!


Introducing Hans Peter

Hans Peter, Creative Hobby Cook
Reporting from the sleepy Italienischer village of Breganze.
Hans Peter will share his recipes with us, and give us many useful cooking tips….!
Maybe he is also willing to answer our questions ?