Adventure #24: Homeowner Tosti

Adventure #24: Homeowner Tosti. Our little chihuahua has many dreams, one of them was to own a house with a roof, the kind you draw when in first grade (with the pointy roof). Tosti felt is was time to fulfill his dream and went to work. He made the perfect maquette and sent it to the building company across the street. After two months the house was finished, but when Tosti saw his finished house his eyes became wet with tears.  This house was a farce, an ugly builidng with painted on dreck! It looked nothing like the house with a roof he designed! Since it was finished already there was nothing our little hero could do but rent it out to a befriended homeless, gnome. That’s the story of how Tosti became a homeowner.

What can we learn from this adventure? Always check up on others if you asked them to make something for you!

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The Gem Kingdom of Mimi Berlin
Inspired by her all-time favorite jewelry brand of the “Gem Kingdom” Mimi Berlin designed three Dreamhomes/Traum-Haüser. One for the city, one house for the country and a boudoir. The assemblages are made with the finest molded plastics from the Mattel Company, dated; 1998 trough 2002, covered in high gloss ‘Plastic Skin” (Fleetcolour #N6/N533)

“The Sagrada Familia of the dollhouses” ~ HJ Kinkhorst, 2011.

The boudoir, (15 x 60 cm) Adjustable assemblage, mounted on a transparent perspex stand.

A house for the country. Jewelry case in the shape of a small, standalone cottage with altered interior in black.IMG_0428
Detail of the City House or main building (1 x 1.20 m) Assembly.IMG_0407
The main building in the back, the boudoir in front with the country houses scattered throughout the window. In front porcelain Maria statues from the Gem KingdomIMG_0427
Mimi Berlin created the Christmas 2011 Shop Window at the Flagship store of The Gem Kingdom in Amsterdam. Above: Seen from the back.IMG_0417