Horst Berlin in Berlin!

Hotel de Rome in Berlin, Germany.
Hier ist Horst von der Heimat, after my X mas adventures in London I went home and of course want to show you the most classy hotel of our vibrant Berlin. Hotel de Rome has beautiful rooms/lobby is tasteful, the roof terrace is heaven and…………………everybody speaks German ♥ Horsthorst_berlin_hotel_roma-1Breakfast room: very clean… thats how I like it horst_berlin_hotel_roma-2Ordentlich!horst_berlin_hotel_roma-3Look thaz ist how we Germans like it 🙂 horst_berlin_hotel_roma-4 horst_berlin_hotel_roma-5
Entrance Hotel de Rome horst_berlin_hotel_roma-6
Chique lobby .. the German way

Intercontinental Thailand

Hallo Mimi fans von allover the World.
Here ist der Horst wieder, I thought I will cheer u up with some nice images from a very warm Thailand. As i told you I was bored in China and this resort is just paradise, beautiful rooms, nice pool, beautiful beach & very obedient staff:) Enjoy my room & and … ehh the person in this video is of course just my personal assistant, who carries my luggage and for my administration…:)
♥ Horst

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Introducing my favorite nephew Horst Berlin !

Hallo Liebe Mimi Fans from allover the world, this is Der Horst, favorite nephew from Mimi from Die Heimat, I will bring you the coming weeks a review of my Asia trip. Other than other hotel reviewers I bring you the details that really matters!! Enjoy & give me your feedback ♥ Horst

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Horst in China

Hallo Mimi fans von allover the world…here
a peak in my hotel room, why do they like to see the other person
showering in their hotel room..must be a cultural thing.. Overall the
hotel room was not quite impressing, also no shops in the area!!! Anyway
for a Socialite like me it is quite boring, I leave to Thailand fo…r some pleasure &; glamour, see you there! ♥ Der Horst

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