Hotel The Exchange, Amsterdam.

“Hotel The Exchange is a hotel with a special love of fashion. Students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute dressed the rooms like models on the catwalk. The result: a hotel where architecture meets fashion.” (hotelsite)
The Exchange has 61 rooms, I got a tour around the hotel to see some of them. Designer duo Ina-Matt were responsible for the interior design of the hotel and have managed the AMFI students who fitted out some the rooms.

Elevator interior, fabric designed by Ina-Matt
Crisp, white cotton sheets and pillows in every room.(Room by Ina-Matt)
All the bathrooms have tiles by Mosa. This room is completely tiled by Mosa, in a custom made design.
(Room by Ina-Matt)

Every room is fitted with a safe (which fits your 17″ labtop) in some rooms it doubles as a sidetable. At least one design-item is present in all rooms, for sale at Options, the hotel shop.

The room numbers are designed by Ina-Matt, and woven by textiellab.
A very crisp room by Ina-Matt, with fabric placed in embroidery frames. Remember, all these fabrics can be bought at Options, the hotelshop.
3 star room with balcony. The walls are decorated with a thick yarn, tacked to the wall in an ‘Amsterdam skyline’ shape by
AMFI student

A 26″ flatscreen television, in every room.
What looks like tent-fabric from North Africa is actually a digital print made with the view you have from this 4 star room. Made by AMFI student Anne Wolters.

This one of three Lobby’s. 
The furniture is literally ‘dressed up’ a similar hotelroom can be booked as well.

‘Wall Flower’ room, 3 stars, by AMFI student Iris Kloppenburg . The “wallflowers” are made with paper, very pretty but vulnerable, I wonder what this room looks like after it’s been fully booked for a month…The bedlight, and wooden hooks can be found in all rooms(for sale at Options, the hotelshop).
‘Crinoline’ room, 3 stars. Photo is taken from the foot-end of the double bed. A virginal, white room. You sleep underneath the antique lace fabric. The ‘skirt’ can be pulled up with the string in the middle, so you can watch TV freely. I was told you can sit on the ceiling beams, if you can, or want. By AMFI student Sofie Sleumer

3 stars, a very romantic room by AMFI student Juanita Koerts.

I was taken by surprise each time a door was opened for me, it was great fun! All rooms have their own personality and are made with an eye for detail.
From a design point of view this has hotel has got two faces; minimalistic and romantic. When booking a room decide what you want and ask for it…Otherwise you may end up in the wrong mood for your business meetings…..
From a traveler’s point of view this hotel is basic, if not spartan-like, every room is utilized with a double sized bed, safe, tv, phone, clothes rack, a chair and a(side)table. Period, that’s it, no luxury. The bathrooms are okay, but again, simple with no extra’s considering comfort (no blow dryer.)-Horst Berlin

Horst in Istanbul

Hello Mimi Fans von allover the World,
I was tired of all the Asian food and thought why not go a combination of Middle Eastern & Western influences.. so I took my jet to Istanbul! This time I chose a wonderful design boutique hotel: Bentley; the interior is modern in nice colors, but most important it is literally next to Nişantaşı -one of the hippest & exclusive areas of Istanbul!! Schade dass the Lobby Bar schon am 11 Uhr geschlussen ist…
Liebe Gr aus Isanbul ♥ Horsthorst_berlin_hotel_istanbul-8

outside- small boutique hotel

clean reception deskhorst_berlin_hotel_istanbul-1
Lobby-Bar; when waiting for your driver 🙂

entrance lobby : with view on breakfast restaurant upstairs: toll nahhorst_berlin_hotel_istanbul-2
small library @ lobby when you are waiting for your driver horst_berlin_hotel_istanbul-3
nice design sofa’s in very classy colors: I like shiny floors:)

Hotel George

Hello Mimi Fans !! Hier ist Horst wieder, now im Hamburg, I left trendy Berlin for the more conservative Hamburg, no it is not as boring as many think.. it has many nice houses, culture and trendy restaurants. Hotel George is a Boutique hotel and offers clean & nice design rooms..and people also speak English.:) ♥ Horst164802_186054764761660_1671323_n
dessssiiiign hall…. 165166_186054871428316_5301357_n
Beautiful roof terrace… nice for summer cocktails 166650_186054444761692_380657_n
design wallpaper -flatscreen TV:) 166839_186054651428338_3666834_n
trendy breakfast room 180067_186054321428371_2252410_n
Nice diagonal decoration of bed. (all photo’s by Horst Berlin)

Horst Berlin in Berlin!

Hotel de Rome in Berlin, Germany.
Hier ist Horst von der Heimat, after my X mas adventures in London I went home and of course want to show you the most classy hotel of our vibrant Berlin. Hotel de Rome has beautiful rooms/lobby is tasteful, the roof terrace is heaven and…………………everybody speaks German ♥ Horsthorst_berlin_hotel_roma-1Breakfast room: very clean… thats how I like it horst_berlin_hotel_roma-2Ordentlich!horst_berlin_hotel_roma-3Look thaz ist how we Germans like it 🙂 horst_berlin_hotel_roma-4 horst_berlin_hotel_roma-5
Entrance Hotel de Rome horst_berlin_hotel_roma-6
Chique lobby .. the German way

Intercontinental Thailand

Hallo Mimi fans von allover the World.
Here ist der Horst wieder, I thought I will cheer u up with some nice images from a very warm Thailand. As i told you I was bored in China and this resort is just paradise, beautiful rooms, nice pool, beautiful beach & very obedient staff:) Enjoy my room & and … ehh the person in this video is of course just my personal assistant, who carries my luggage and for my administration…:)
♥ Horst

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