Mrs Beeton’s Household Management Book

Isabella Beeton

These wonderful illustrations are from ‘Mrs Beeton’s Book for Household Management’ which was published around 1861. We, at Mimi Berlin, are always in awe of what people used to call salads. Look at these colorful sombrero-like dishes below, aren’t they just great?! How much fun are they compared to the salads we serve today? Right, SO much more fun!

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Fridges Fight Back by Bompas & Parr at KK Outlet

Fridges Fight Back by Bompas and Parr at KK Outlet

Fridges fight Back by Bompas and Parr at KK OutletA “Chilling Exhibition” by Bompas & Parr 1 to 26 November 2016 at the KK Outlet in London.

“House fires caused by tumble dryers may have dominated headlines in the past but fridges are the real silent killers to be wary of. Fridges Fight Back: a Chilling Exhibition, curated by the British Museum of Food is a new exhibition that throws a spotlight on the darker side of these deadly white goods. The exhibition will be accompanied by a book, Fridges Fight Back: The White Goods are Restless, by Bompas & Parr.

The exhibition and book include images of bacteria bred from the fridges of celebrities and filmed content depicting the deterioration of food and drink inside and out of fridges. The work also serves as an antidote to the polished pictures of food that permeate modern culture in everything from Instagram to the contrived contents of celebrities’ fridges on programmes like MTV Cribs

The exhibition will also feature a community fridge, allowing locals to deposit food and drink that will be shared with local charities and food banks.

At its heart, the curation and the book are designed to bring to life an important safety message about fridges. Written with the consultancy and advice of London Fire Brigade, the book exposes the shocking statistics relating to fridge fires – on average there are two per week in London – and the basic manufacturing flaws common to some brands that can cause fires. Who knew?!” (read more KK Outlet)


Print Your Duralex

Print Your Duralex

Affordable design for everybody. Print Your Duralex

In 2015 the Duralex had it’s 70th anniversary, To celebrate that fact 5.5 designstudio created 70 functional attachments for the iconic Picardi glass. These are printable items wich transform the Picardi glass in, for instance, a hat, apencil sharpener or acoffeemaker. Continue reading

Radium / X-ray

Radium / X-ray

Radium was discovered by the French Marie Sklodowska-Curie and her husband Pierre Curie on 21 December 1898, in a uraninite sample, which is a mineral.

Hard to believe nowadays, but radium has been used for medical purposes, (after it’s use as research tool) injected or in pill-form, to cure illnesses from hair loss to rheumatism (and almost everything in between) After that “break-through” radium, and radioactivity in general, became the hype during the 1920s and ’30s. Especially for consumer products: Toothpaste, make-up, chocolate, butter, condoms, wool and much, much more…were advertised with radium as an unique selling point.

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A Bachelor Girl in 1950

A Bachelor Girl in 1950A Bachelor Girl in 1950

LIFE featured a bachelor girl in 1950, 21-year-old Peggy Cross, was followed by photographer Nina Leen during her pre-marriage days.
“Bride’s four showers. With this practical haul Peggy Cross is set to keep house.” see/read more (Photocredits; Nina Leen—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

See how Jeong Mee Yoon photographed Japanese children with their stuff in the same manner as above

From Miss Atomic Bomb to Miss Flipper

From Miss Atomic Bomb to Miss Flipper

And every crowned beauty pageant Miss inbetween. The list of strange pageants is long; how about Miss Portable Radio, or our favorite Miss Magic Marker!? You want to see more Queens? Visit the links below or otherwise click More Beauty Queens on this blog (img via retrogasm/ thevintagenews / victoriarios555)