Jackie Kennedy/Onassis VS Grace Kelly/Princess Grazia in a Headscarf

Jackie Kennedy/Onassis VS Grace Kelly/Princess Grazia in a Headscarf

Mimi’s Brainbreaker Week; Which of these fabulous women wore the headscarf the best?
Is Jackie or Grace your favorite?

Jackie Kennedy/Onassis

Grace Kelly/Princess Grazia de Monaco

Our Winner is Jackie! We think in runs in the family….

Friday Night, Party Night! #72

Friday Night, Party Night! #72

Friday Night, Party Night! #72
Tonight we’ll head on to the Disco. No, not the Discotheque, that’s a place were glamour rules. The plain Disco is more down to earth, like you see above…..(gif via giphy.com)

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Menswear Spring 2015: Simple Print Idea

Menswear Spring 2015: Simple Print Idea

How wonderfully simple can a print design be? Very simple! At the menswear fashion shows for Spring 2015 we noticed this trend for prints: The Square.

How to do this
Step one; Take a garment, preferably a T-Shirt, but any top will do.
Step two; Make yourself a square.
Step three: Decide if you like text or an image, if you can’t decide use both.
Step four: Place text and/or image in square.

(all images from style.com)

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How to Preserve Nail Polish

How to preserve Nail Polish: Maybe you can relate to the following: You’ve spent maybe one hour of your precious time getting your nails done. Like you know you should do it: Two layers, waiting between layers for a minimum of ten minutes. Then the drying: Touching nothing for at least 15 minutes. But then, as you go outside to parade these little beauties: BAM, a schratch on the shiny surface of your fingertips! How do you preserve the color and keep the polish free from scratches? Mimi Berlin dove into finding the answer to this question. Well, not really, but we did find a 7 (SEVEN) step tutorial for yous at Wiki how. Seven steps is too much for us at Mimi Berlin, so we’ll just live with those ugly scratches….

(credits: anna lomax)

Human Hair: His and Hers

Human Hair: His and Hers. How to do your eyebrows and how to do your chest hair, found and combined by Mimi Berlin, in cyberspace anno December 2013.