Bettie Ball

Hi I am Bettie Ball

I was crowned Space Queen in the fifties,
it was probably the most memorable moment in my life.
Up till then, my everyday life was about turning bowling balls
at the bowling ball workshop.
When I became Space Queen they attached a Pink Space house to my house.
Which I use for entertaining visitors, to keep my legend alive.
bettie ball
photographer unknown (via greatgrottu)bettie ball
photocredits armorer77 (img via go2gbo)

unnamed house, place unknown photocredits Anton Lepashov (img via chewbukka)betty ballTemporary installation for the W/ Project Space in New York by Leong Leong (img via suckerpunchdaily)

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Netty Neat Freak

Hi, I am Netty Neat Freak. I like to keep things clean and tidy. My favorite color is grey. I like my garden clean, my car covered, my nails impeccable and my pets caged.Netty Neat Freak
Photo by Vivian WeidmanNetty Neat Freak
Palm Springs at sunrise (via josevillablog)nettie neat freak mimiberlin
Hidden1 by danske on Flickr. (via endilletante)
nettie neatfreak nails
(via darkbleu-darkbleu)appdikted_petstore
(via appdikted)