The Golden Age of Girl Groups

The Golden Age of Girl Groups

The 1960s are the golden age of American girl pop groups. (the ones that sing) They came in three to four girls, wearing similar outfits, and sometimes even similair hairdo’s. The names of these groups started with The. The Marvelletes, The Chiffons, The Shirelles, The Ronettes, The Velvelettes, The Cookies, The Blossoms, The Exiters, The Shangri Las, The Dixie cups, The Sweet Inspirations, The Sensations, The Angels, The Orions, The Carefrees,The Jewels, The Chantels, and much much more (we’ve read that there were about 750 girl groups at one point)

Phil Spector was a big time producer of girl groups (The Ronettes, The Blossoms,The Crystals…) so was Motown (The Supremes, The Marvelettes, The Velvettes….) 60% of the top 100 singles released by girl groups during the sixties came from Hitsville, U.S.A., as Motown was called.

Songs were written by professionals (such as Carole King, Nicolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson, Neil Sedaka) who could custom fit the music and lyrics to the needs of te teenagers. Music was made (written, produced, sold, recorded, auditoned etc etc) in The Brill Building, it was the most prestigious address in New York for the music business

“Every day we squeezed into our respective cubby holes with just enough room for a piano, a bench, and maybe a chair for the lyricist if you were lucky. You’d sit there and write and you could hear someone in the next cubby hole composing a song exactly like yours. The pressure in the Brill Building was really terrific”
-Carole King Quoted in The Sociology of Rock by Simon Frith
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Rose-Tipped Cigarettes

Rose-Tipped Cigarettes

How Chique!! Cigarettes with a red rose filter! No red lipstick smear visible; keep your filter’s “clean”

Here is a link to a video titled ‘Rose-Tipped Cigarettes’ on the British Pathé website –; In the east London factory of Godfrey Phillips Ltd we see various shots of rose tips being put onto Turkish cigarettes. A woman opens a box of roses, removes the leaves and puts the head in a bowl. A girl takes a rose from the bowl, sorts the petals and punches out the tip shapes with a special cutter. Girls sits at benches, sticking the rose petal tips onto Turkish cigarettes with gum. The finished cigarettes are put into carton.


Psychic readers in Manhattan, NY.
You can find tons of psychic readers in the US of A. In Europe they are a very secretive group, almost invisible. I’m sure we have them…. are Europeans more serious people? No. Maybe it’s more of a taboo? Yes. It’s okay to visit a shrink in the USA, so if you can’t afford one you just pay a visit to a psychic for only $10,-. But that’s only a personal theory. (xoxo Dr. Mimi)

Shopping for charity

It’s the 4th of January, normal live as we know it started again. The shops will be open! Let us start with the Christmas spirit and keep our new year’s resolutions in mind: Let’s shop for Charity!

‘Day in the Hamptons’ Pet Candle by SniffA portion of the sale proceeds from this collection of 5 organic beeswax candles goes to animal rescue organizations and city shelters throughout the United States.
Ordinateur, “$1,079.99. Step out and be seen with the portable, powerful, and colorful VAIO® notebook. The thin-and-light mobile masterpiece features an array of entertainment and design extras. $75 from each purchase benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Available at SonyStyle retail locations.” (via Marie_claire)
Aveda, Canon, Dyson and Avon (no, not Crocs) all made special ‘charity-products’ to benefit breast cancer research. Items selected by Marie-Claire. (There is more were that came from!)
Charity Pot from Lush

Left; Wooden Orange Babies USB stick has 2 GB of memory € 15.00. Right; In the framework of World Aids Day: on the first of December Orange Babies introduced a Special Edition bottle, inspired by the Zarb or ‘Hope’ bottle. Of each bottle sold (€ 39.95) € 5,- will go directly to Orange Babies.

nOir Jewelry for MODELINIA special-edition Somalia bracelet to raise awareness about the devastating famine occurring in Somalia. All of the proceeds from the sale of Somalia bracelets will be donated to Save The Children, the world’s leading independent organization for children. (
via noirjewelry)

Cartier Love Charity bracelet with 18kt rose-and white-gold rings on a gunmetal silk cord. The cord color was chosen by Janet Jackson to benefit the
Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. For each bracelet sold, Cartier will donate $200 to charity. BUY NOW $995; at Cartier boutiques nationwide or visit for more information.(via)
Smile for Sri-Lanka (Q-pot)

The Tommy Hilfiger bags cost €98 and are for sale at the various flagship stores of the brand. The profit of the bags will be donated to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in order to support novice designers.

Brown Thomas is delighted to announce that Georgia May Jagger is fronting this year’s Fashion Targets Breast Cancer™ Ireland Campaign. Bag by Marc Jacobs (buy)

Skull Boy

Thomas I’Anson “skull” 2010
Photo; Steven Klein, fashion director; Nicola Formichetti, from ARENA HOMME PLUS S/S 2011 nr 35

Are we all are tired of skulls? I’m sure I was. But this, in my opinion, quite romantic photo series in Arena Homme, woke me up! That Skull Boy is devastating! Am I just going trough a “new romantics 21st century” phase? Whatever. I shouldn’t
be so hasty with discarding ideas from previous fashion-seasons anyways. But I can’t help myself, the gigantic overload of the same images (colours, shapes etc) pressed into one or two seasons, bores me out big time! So much even, that I forget the beauty that started those annoying trends in the first place! This being said; From now on, I pledge to always remember the recent past and cherish the timeless beauty it brings us.(Amen)

Candy Pratts Price

The Queen of the internet
“Candy Pratts Price may not be a household name, but the woman is a powerful force behind the scenes in the fashion industry and a leader with her pulse on the trends. Two years ago Anna Wintour dubbed Pratts Price the “Queen of the Internet,” a fitting title for the Executive Fashion Director of Though her position was one of the many to fall victim to the economic recession in 2009, it was announced in September 2010 that Pratts Price had been scooped up as the new creative director of Over her tenure as Fashion Director at Harper’s Bazaar, Creative Director at Ralph Lauren, and of course Executive Fashion Director of, Pratts Price has become renowned for her eye for style….” (read more)