Green Porno by Isabella Rossellini

Green Porno is directed, written by and starring Isabella Rossellini, it’s a Sundance TV Original Series.

“Isabella Rossellini’s critically acclaimed and provocative online series, GREEN PORNO (Season 2) covers both land and sea! The series features Rossellini as she acts out the reproductive habits of marine animals and insects, both scientifically accurate yet extremely entertaining.” View more episodes at

Tea Time

Not so friendly server ware

Server ware with ants by Evelyn Bracklow / Hand Painted Tea Set; Treacherous Tea Party by BurkeHareCo on etsy

Cricket in a Jar

Cricket in a Jar, or crickets as pets if you will. In China the people used (early antiquity) to have crickets for the sound they make. Nowadays they are kept for cricket fighting. They can be bought at the local market. The insects are held in little cups ranging from old cans to embellished “cricket pots” The buyer chooses a cricket by listening to the sound he makes and how it reacts when touched. To activate the little animal it gets pricked with a little stick so the buyer can compare the crickets. The size of the crickets on sale varies as well; tiny ones are held in small boxes containing a single corn, bigger ones in a wooden “cage case”. Chinese cricket culture and cricket-related business is highly seasonal. Trapping crickets in the fields peaks in August and extends into September. Cricket fighting season extends until the end of autumn.

Lanvin fall-winter 2013

Lanvin fall-winter 2013. Lets concentrate on a new wardrobe for this winter and start with one of our favorite shows, by Lanvin. So much to see here. The use of flowers, insects and butterflies translated into fluttering blouses, prints and sturdy jewelry, they give this rather dark and severe collection it’s light hearted touch. SO Much FUN to watch…and wear!

About the campaign: One woman can have many faces. Edie Campbell explored six sides of her imaginary self, portraying the diversity of the Lanvin woman.
(Film by Steven Meisel/Creative Direction — House and Holme, Ronnie Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme/Make-Up — Pat McGrath/Hair — Guido Palau/Set Design — Mary Howard/Videography and Editing by Gordon von Steiner) Photocredits: Runway photo’s via Atmosphere photo by Allessandro Galofalo (via Product photo’s via e-lanvin Ad campaign photographed by Steven Meisel, copyright Lanvin 2013 (via hautefashionafrica and trendhunter)