Meet Mimi Berlin Senior and Senior

Meet Mimi Berlin Senior and Senior

Hello! Meet Mimi Berlin Senior and Senior. Obviously they are twins. They aren’t amongst the living anymore. But they still are in our thoughts and inspire us everyday to create, decorate and collect everything. #collectingeverythingMeet Mimi Berlin Senior and Senior
We love that they wear the same outfit! And look at those pied de coq checkered tops splatting from your screen. We can’t keep the apart! (not true)
Have a nice day xoxo Mimi

Danke Schön Aunties P & M for this wonderful image!



Fashion Equations

Now here’s something we love; Fashion Equations. It’s the kind of math we can follow and sums we would like to make ourselves. (maybe we will someday)Fashion Equations
We found this Fashion Almanac by Laura Bradley ” A Graphic and Textual Exploration of the Fashion World” on ISUU. After some research we only could find the first issue, made 5 years ago. We feel that’s a shame, there should have been many more issues of this lovely magazine. Well, there aren’t. Make sure to check it out!

We are not a 100% sure but we think the author has AnOther job, do check that out as well, it’s fun.

Kate Bush in Fong Leng

Kate Bush in Fong Leng

Kate Bush was photographed by Claude Vanheye back in the seventies, they were beautiful pictures, as seen below. We were told that some of the pictures were banned because her breasts were showing. You must know that Ms Bush was under the age of twenty at that time, our guess is that these pictures were taken in 1978 when she was 19 years old and her debut song Wuthering Heights was topping the charts.Kate Bush in Fong Leng
Kate Bush wearing an outfit by Fong Leng photographed by Claude Vanheye (Photo from Volkskant Aug/31/2012 (via

Looking at the pictures now, 35 years later they seem quite prudent, times have changed.
All photo’s of Kate Bush by Claude Vanheye, all dresses by Fong Leng (img via katebushforum)

Thank you Mr Vintage for your knowledge.

We at Mimi Berlin held a fashion fest with vintagedeluxe outfits by Fong Leng! That’s the reason we dug into this mini history. See our finished work: Mimi Berlin’s Fashion Fest #2, 2013, HERE



Rope balancer D-BP with a KBK system (via)

The balancer in the photo uses magnets from a Top Flight Prop Balancer and works the same way. The shaft is a No. 54 drill blank with one end ground to a point, and the frame is made of wood.  Music wire of 0.055 in. diameter would also work as a shaft, but would not be as accurate.(via)

Ours, balancer (via)

with a piezoelectric ceramic sensor to provide more accurate measurements (via)

A CG balancer is included with the Reactor Bipe, so that you can properly set and balance your model to match your flying style. (via)

The Macaron

A trend in retrospect.
(Macaron; small, round and sweet cake, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle)
It all started at Ladurée a, tiny pastry shop in Paris. A store with history, glorious interior and lots of coloured macarons, which taste like heaven! Back in the days (20 years ago or so) the shop was noticed by fashion stylists, at work in Paris, from allover the world. We remember well taking the boxes back home, always. Nowadays Ladurée really targets the fashion market. This season, for example, they teamed up with Tsumori Chisato, to celebrate their 150th anniversary. They also branched out, candles, beauty, clothing accessoiries etc. have been added to their products.
Lady Gaga Photographed by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar #2, 2011.
Nike Air Royal Macarons Pack which consists of sneakers in pastel color schemes.
The Marc Jacobs patisserie collection, apple, biscotti and pomegranate. Limited edition Summer 2010.
Bag ‘the Macaron layout’ Louis Vuitton
Kenzo, spring 2011
Boucheron, tentation macaron ring(buy)

Pocketwatches by o chive (buy)