Timothy Oulton’s Rocket/Rakete is Luxurious


‘Apollo’ is a very Luxurious lounge or seating area. It is a bespoke designer piece, created by Timothy Oulton Studio. This ‘Barbarella-esque‘ Rakete/Rocket is quite the decadent design; nobody has to have any use for it.
Furthermore the interior of the rocket is made with the most expensive and over the top luxury materials such as natural semi-precious stone. You can imagine that we, at Mimi Berlin, found this to be a very comfortable retreat.

Apollo was on show during the launch of Oulton’s new line ‘Noble Souls’ at the Brera Design Districtin in Milan. (buy here: timothyoulton.com)

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Milan Design Week 2018: Life in Vogue


Vogue Italia Magazine has opened it’s doors to the public during Milan Designweek 2018; for the occassion of introducing the newest issue of Casa Vogue. Emanuele Farneti, editor-in-chief, invited 8 designers and architects to re-design or re-think if you will, the offices of the editorial staff rooms at VogueIT. The #LifeInVogue project is “A reflection on the way of living [in} the contemporary office”

Images: The office of the editor-in-chief by Faye Toogood (Roly-Poly furniture). The current affairs office by Patricia Urquiola. The corridor by Marco Bellini. And the copy machine.


Since the official tourguide didn’t speak English, Mimi got te private tour by a very kind man. We had in-depth conversations about the designs and the magazine. Not so much; the tourguide was actually from security. Quote; “this is also an interesting lamp” and you’ll hear lot’s of WOW and REALLY from Mimi. But our confidence level is high enough; we will share the short clips with you. Have fun watching them!

More video’s made at the Vogue Italia office’s during the tour can be found on Mimi Berlin’s YouTube Channel

Life in Vogue at the Condé-Nast offices in Milan can be visited from 12:00 to 8:00 PM until the 20th of April, 2018.

Conga Designer Bar

Conga Designer Bar

The Conga Bar is designed by Thomas Althaus and manufactured by Schönbuch, it was launched 2011. Finished in high-gloss in a huge range of lovely colors. The Conga series have grown since 2011, nowadays the Conga circular chest of drawers is also available. Less glamorous than a bar, but still pretty nice.

(images via architonic.com)

Dutch Design Week 2017: The Anti-Efficients

Dutch Design Week 2017: The Anti-Efficients

In October of each year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven. This year: 2017, it is held from 21-29 October.
Mimi Berlin Blogger Team visited and reports to you; our readers. Let us start with our favorite presentation so far: The group exhibition “The Anti-Efficients”, tucked away in one of the rooms of the small buildings at the Kazerne complex in Eindhoven. Designers Sejoon Kim, Seungbin Yang, Hyunjee Jung, Sooji Lee are the ‘The Anti-Efficients’.

Sewaji is the result of the collaboration between Sejoon Kim and Hyunjee Jung. They present work under the tiltle ‘Cute. anthropomorphization and thingification’. Kim and Jung show their own interpertaiton of cuteness, they also imitate each others ‘cuteness’. The sculptures are based on the graduation thesis of Sejoon Kim: Cute, かわいい, 귀여워, ” which is about ‘cute culture’ and starts from the question of why he, as a Korean (broadly East Asian), is more drawn to cute things than Europeans are. We, at Mimi Berlin, find that to be a very interesting topic, since we, being European, are always drawn towards cute things; such as the Sewaji collaboration. (we need to read that research document!) Continue reading

Eye-Seats by Vivolli

Eye-Seats by Vivolli

The other day we stumbled upon a lovely pouffe, a design from the new furniture brand Vivolli (since 2015); It has the in the shape of an eyeball. It can be lifted up at the “eyelid”; you can put your hand under that part.This little gem comes in 3 vibrant color-variations and is made in a velvet like fabric (in two sizes 40cm and 60cm in diameter.) We think we need the larger size, it seems more functional, sitting wise. (is that an understandable word combination? if not: sorry our native language isn’t English. But you knew that already ofcourse….)eye_seat_vivolli(photo taken at the x-bank in Amsterdam)

Vivolli has 4 chairs only for sale. The eyeball is the one design we really like, probably because of it’s surreal vibe. The three other designs are very different from this little seater, and a bit too eighties and unfriendly in design for us. The pouffe is available online at Vivolli webshop, the smaller size in store at the X-Bank in Amsterdam. Continue reading

The Courtaulds at Eltham Palace

The Courtaulds at Eltham Palace

Textiles heir Stephen Courtauld and his wife Virginia bought Eltham palace, in the south east of London, as their main residence in 1936. The Courtaulds lived there from 1936 until 1944. Before the couple moved into the palace it was transformed (and revamped) into a 1930s design dream in combination with the remains of a royal, medieval palace. The Courtalds hired the architects Seely and Paget for this job. We guess you have to see it in real life to appreciate this palace….Anyways it’s decadence galore!

(See and read more / via english-heritage.org.uk/ bbc.com  / dailymail.com)