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Hello! Did you know we have a YouTube channel? Well, we do: MimiMovies. Don’t be afraid to subscribe, we won’t bombard you with tons of movies. We only make video’s once in a while, and mostly they are very short. The next bunch will probaly be filmed at Milan Designweek this April. We cover topics such as fashion, art, interior and fashion design on an international level.

MimiMovies Mimi Berlin's YouTube Channel

Next to video’s made at all kinds of events like shows, fairs, exhibitions and what have you not, we also shoot our own material. For instance the Mimi Cheerleaders series or an occasional interview. Well enough talk, please have a look and see if MimiMovies is of any interest to you!

Have a nice day!
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Interview Magazine Deceased A Brief History

Interview Magazine

We all heard the news by now that Interview Magazine won’t be published anymore, it’s deceased of bankruptcy. We think it’s horrible for the employees. But for us, at Mimi Berlin that isn’t really sad news. Why not? you ask of us, well maybe some explanaton is in order here.

All you ever wanted to know about Interview Magazine

The first issue of the glamorous newspaper was published in late 1969. Yes, let that sink in for a moment; it was in the previous century! The magazine was started by Andy Warhol (1928-1987) and John Wilcock (also one of the five co-founders of the New York Village Voice newspaper.) Interview was a so-called underground platform. The magazine was very populair in the 1970’s and was read by the in-crowd of the entire globe. The iconic covers, made by Richard Bernstein (1939-2002) from 1972 to 1989, date from that period.


Brant Publications, Inc

Afer the death of Andy Warhol, Peter Brant (Brant Publications) acquired the magazine in 1989. Ingrid Barbara Sischy (1952-2015) became the editor until 2008. Continue reading

Chanel Perfume and Jean Paul Goude

Chanel Perfume and Jean Paul Goude

Yes! Jean Paul Goude made another ad mini-movie for Chanel! After juggling with a perfume bottle of Chance, in 2011, the models now, in 2015, take up bowling, with many bottles of Chance, fun! Our all-time favorite Jean Paul Goude/Chanel collaboration is the one with Vanessa Paradis whistling and spilling Coco perfume, made in 1991. Oh and also the ad for Chanel Egoiste, made in 1990. (see those? click read more) Continue reading

Rüpert von Rom’s Must-See of the Month: Dries van Noten

This month’s must-see is more of a MUST NOT MISS. The Dries van Noten exhibit in Paris.

Dries van Noten is the kind of man that makes you want to spend everything you’ve got on anything that wears his label. Van Noten is the one and only for many fashion insiders. And now, as must see of the month, you can get up and close with his designs in the recently opened exhibition: Dries van Noten Inspirations. It’s Van Noten’s men’s and women’s collections combined with important pieces from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs textile collection. A true inspiring event that should be seen by anyone with a love for refined beauty. Like me.
When you go wear something from Dries. Wear everything you’ve got from Dries when you go!

Baci, Rüpert

Musée Les Arts Décoratifs, March 1, 2014 / August 31 2014.