Introducing: Amazing Dog Faces by Rex Dieter

Introducing: Amazing Dog Faces. It took a while but Mimi Berlin’s Rex Dieter, whom we all know of the amazing Friday Night Party Night series,  has found the courage and inspiration, for yet an other photo essay. Yes, you guessed right: Every Saturday, one full year long, Rex will treat us to a portrait of an amazing dog face. Here’s number one:  a Miniature Bull Terrier photographed by Landon Nordeman (posted yesterday morning on Mimi Berlin’s Fanpage on FaceBook)Introducing: Amazing Dog Faces by Rex Dieter

Thank You very much Rex Dieter, for this marvelous idea! xoxo Mimi

See the Amazing Dog faces Page HERE

Introducing Beja von Bis With NEON Art

Introducing Beja von Bis With NEON Art: It occurred to us that Beja von Bis has never been properly introduced on Mimi’s Blog. And that’s a darned, doggone shame on Mimi Berlin’s part!

You must know that Ms von Bis has been blogging for over one year, every single Monday, at Mimi Berlin’s Blog. Continue reading

Introducing Rüpert von Rom

Mimi Berlin Blogger team is proud to officially present its newest member; Rüpert von Rom. This flamboyant aristocrat shares with you all that is distinguished, artistic, dapper and not-to-miss, on a monthly basis. He is addicted to cashmere socks and obsessed with smoking Belinda Menthol cigarettes.

Belinda (design 3) (Menthol) /KS-25-H/ – Holland (picture via cigarettespedia)

It’s My Party…

It’s Party Time

and Mimi Blogger Team is going to paint the town red!

Mask of the Night, a Vixen book by Michael Norday.

It’s Brazen…, Chicago 1951

See no evil…

Introducing: Mathilde Admiral