High-End Entertainment at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

High-End Entertainment at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

High-End entertainment while shopping; A visit to Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche during fashionweek 2016 in Paris is fun!

Iris in Paris; For this exhibition Ms Apfel came up with 10 moments such as; “a visit to the museum” or “on a terrace”. These moments include an outfit and a short movie. The small exhibition is accompanied by items that are for sale; Iris Apfel produced a capsule collection of objects in collaboration with different brands. Giant necklaces and bracelets designed by Luc Kieffer, a fur bag designed by Iris Apfel herself, huge sunglasses and more “Apfel-like-accessories”. For a friendly price you can also buy yourself some merchandise produced by Le Bon Marché; a mug, notebooks, umbrella’s or an “Iris in Paris” Bag. The exhibition can be seen on the groundfloor of the world’s oldest department store. (Feb.26/April16/2016).

In January 2016 artistic director, Frédéric Bodenes, invited Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to exhibit at Le Bon Marche. Mr Weiwei created 22 delicate, symbolic animals out of paper (or is it silk?) and bamboo. They hang, very tasteful, from the ceiling of, and in, the open escalator spaces of the department store. They give a fairytale-like experience when you pass them going up and down the escalators; and POOF before you know it you’ll be swiping your credit card!

Iris Apfel & Other Stories

Iris Apfel & Other Stories

A styling story by Iris Apfel. & Other Stories “invited Iris Apfel, New York-based style icon, to interpret their AW/14 collection. With grandeur and wit she put a sumptuous spin on her favourite pieces, empowering women of all ages to embrace their own personal style. As Iris says; “You can get a variety of looks with these very versatile pieces by adding your own personal touch. It’s all very WOW! And that’s another story…” ” Do check out the website for more pics & products (via &other stories)

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Iris Apfel; "I don’t do minimal"

Yes! this is something we wanted to see for a long time: Iris Apfel‘s Manhattan Apartment. It’s all that we wanted wanted it to be !!
All photo’s are taken by Roger Davies from Architectural Digest, Do check the link for the article by Amanda Valli. (June 2011)

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Thank you so very much AD!
For our friend M. The Minimalist.

American Women 2010

Iris Apfel  photographed by Bryan Adams. Bryan Adams has captured a new series of “American Women 2010”: world famous actresses, all dressed in clothes designed by Francisco Costa, the creative director of Calvin Klein. Part of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the NYC AIDS Fund. (via vogue.it)