Green Porno by Isabella Rossellini

Green Porno is directed, written by and starring Isabella Rossellini, it’s a Sundance TV Original Series.

“Isabella Rossellini’s critically acclaimed and provocative online series, GREEN PORNO (Season 2) covers both land and sea! The series features Rossellini as she acts out the reproductive habits of marine animals and insects, both scientifically accurate yet extremely entertaining.” View more episodes at

Perdita Durango

Who are you, Perdita Durango ?


Isabella Rossellini andHannah Kozak dressed as Perdita Durango in the 1990 American film Wild at heart, written and directed by David Lynch, based on Barry Gifford’s 1989 novel Wild at Heart: The Story of Sailor and Lula – Part 1 in the Sailor and Lula series (1990)

Far less known is the crime-horror movie about Perdita Durango, played by Rosie Perez and directed by Álex de la Iglesia in 1997. It’s based on Barry Gifford’s novel 59° and Raining: The Story of Perdita Durango – Part 3 in the Sailor and Lula series (1992) We do not recommend this movie, it’sheavy and violent, with lot’s of blood, killing, rape etc.(via)

We don’t know if Ms Perez had a stunt-double in Perdita Durango. We do know that Rosie Perez was severely injured filming a scene for ‘Law and Order: SVU’ in 2007. And she definitely needed a stunt-double at that time.(via) Anyways, to round this story up: Illustrator Scott Gillis has turned Barry Gifford’s novella Perdita Durango into a graphic novel in 1995.(buy)
We’re not sure if anybody ever heard anything about Perdita since then