Tetsuro Sato Hengao Funny Face


Photographer Tetsuro Sato made a series of black and white photographs named: Hengao, which means Funny Face in Japanese. A simple concept, inspired by Purlkura

read more/image via the Onishi Project


“In Japan, purikura (プリクラ) refers to a photo sticker booth or the product of such a photo booth. The name is a shortened form of the registered trademark Purinto Kurabu (プリント倶楽部). The term derives from the English print club.” (knowledge via wikipedia)

The first Purikura machine was called Print Club machine, made by Atlus in 1995.

Mono Japan in Amsterdam

Mono Japan in Amsterdam

MONO JAPAN is a celebration of contemporary Japanese craft and design. It is an event and a platform devoted to sophisticated beauty grounded in tradition. Okay! We, Mimi Berlin Blogger Team, went to this Japanese event for the first time ever.


We were stunned by so much traditional arts & crafts in one building. You must know; we have a complete different image of Japan in our minds: the colorful and tech-forward Japan. But we did spent a long time stroking the ‘Sugicodama’ cedarwood sculptures by Shimpei Arima; they were amazingly soft to the touch!

Mono Japan can be visited through February 19, 2018 at the Lloyd hotel & cultural embassy, Oostelijke Handelskade 34 in Amsterdam.

Great Inventions: Rose Facial Foam from Kanebo

Great Inventions: Rose Facial Foam from Kanebo

How fun is this foamy soap!? It comes out of the spraycan in the shape of a rose!
Makes us, at Mimi Berlin, wonder what kind of shape they would come up with for men’s shaving foam!

Auch Haben! from Kanebo ビューティホイップソープ
話題のバラ泡洗顔♡  (via aussweetie0114)

Akio Igarashi and Takashi Suzuki at Willem Baars Projects

Akio Igarashi and Takashi Suzuki at Willem Baars Projects

The work of Japanese artists Akio Igarashi and Takashi Suzuki is on show at Willem Baars Projects

Since we, at Mimi Berlin, are no art critics, we can’t give an in-depht story on the work: please go HERE for that. We CAN tell you that the work of Akio Igarashi is made with oil paint which meticulously has been sanded down. If you ask nicely you may be able to actually touch the work, it feels so smooth! Takashi Suzuki‘s work is very abstract and very colorful; seeing this work was a wonderful experience for us, we couldn’t keep our eyes of it. We took pictures, which of course is ridiculous; you have to see these wonderful paintings with your own eyes. If you are in Amsterdam we feel you should visit the gallery and experience the minimalism for yourself!

Willem Baars Projects is open Wed. to Sat. 12:00-18:00 and by appointment. Address: Hoogte Kadijk 17 in Amsterdam

( Danke Schön Udo Vektor for the invite )

Things We Need From Elecom.co.jp

Things We Need From Elecom.co.jp

Do you know that feeling; browsing an Asian webshop, not exactly knowing what you’re looking for beacause you can’t read a thing? We do! Browsing the Japanese Elecom webshop the other day we came up with this wishlist;

Things We Need From Elecom.co.jp; To be more specific; Things We Think we Need From Elecom.co.jp. In the first picture for example; we are not sure what Elecom is advertising here, but we think we want that. The pink colored devices; are pink; we like that too! The silicone mousepad is just too cute and might come in handy….And cleaning your computer screen with a fragranced wipe; didn’t know such a thing existed! Auch Haben!