Joël Hubaut and HotDogs

Joël Hubaut

Joël Hubaut with hotdogs up his nose.
Hubaut is a French artist. We, at Mimi Berlin, are interested in his work. But today we don’t have the stamina to look it up on the interweb. However, we can share his portrait, and we do hope that your day is a nice day! xoxo Mimi

Joël Hubaut with hotdogs in his nose.


Obviously this post is a reminder, a note to self.

Mimi Berlin’s Rebus puzzle #1

Light entertainment

Why don’t you solve this Brainbreaker Rebus made by Mimi Berlin today? Give yourself some relax-time with some light entertainment!

+Y -H -SE
rebus loren and mansfield cleavage

(Image credits: From top to bottom: antique prosthetic eye available from just let me bead (buy). Natalia, portrait by Solve Sundsbo, 2002. Pink GIF (via). Hand via @FolksRules on Twitter. Sophia and Jayne dining photo by Joe Shere, 1958.)

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