Sparkling Braun Juicer

Braun Design is the Best

Braun products are the best! A fine example of that fact is the juicer below. This kitchen machine is the Braun Multipress Automatic MP 80Type 4290 Juice Extractor, to be exact. We think this is a design by Dieter Rams from the 1990s. (if not we’ll let you know). Anyways we, at Mimi Berlin HQ, are still very happy with this vegetable juicer. We even use it now and then.

kitchen braun gif

‘Sparkling Juicer Gif’ Appdikted is at it again! The in-house graphic designer at Mimi Berlin, Appdikted spent some of his time making gif’s for us, including the one above.

Do you have an industrial design in your kitchen which you love? Please let us know below in the comment box, we’re curious!
Danke Schön in advance, and have a nice evening!

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Fuorisalone 2015: Kitchens designed by Paola Navone

Fuorisalone 2015: Kitchens designed by Paola Navone

During Milano Designweek we attended the Pizza Party, hosted by NLXL, at Paola Navone’s home above her studio in the Tortona Area. We were amazed by the decoration, so much to see in her house and especially in her kitchen; A large space with a full lenght wall filled with metal pots and pans, stacks of recipe books and many cupboards with collected glassware. Ms Navone also created a kitchen for the temporary exhibit of Ikea at the Via Vigevano. For this special exhibit, Ikea asked several designers to reinterpret their new kitchen collection. Paola Navone did a great job creating the similar atmosphere, with mostly products by Ikea, as in her own home. Top notch interior styling!

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