Dutch Design Week 2017: in4nite

Dutch Design Week 2017: in4nite

In October of each year, Dutch Design Week (DDW) takes place in Eindhoven. This year; 2017, it is held from 21-29 October. Mimi Berlin Blogger Team visited and reports to you; our readers. Let us start with one of our favorite presentations so far: in4nite (as in; infinite possibilities)

For the in4nite exhibition Low & Bonar (international marketleaders and producers of high-tech performance materials) invited 10 designers from Arnhem (productdesigners, architects and a graphic designer) to experiment with Colback®. Why only designers from Arnhem, you ask of us: well, just like Low & Bonar they all work at Industrial Park the ‘Kleefse Waard’ in Arnhem, they probably met up at the local canteen?!

Anyways; Colback® is an overall brand name for a non-woven cloth-like material which is used to support technical fabrics used in transportation, interior carpeting, resilient flooring and for decorative solutions. (read more colback-nonwovens.com)

Since the Colback® “cloth” is never used as a visible material by itself we think it’s a smart move of Low & Bonar to invite designers who are trained to come up with products that are gentle to the eye (and brain). As L&B state themselves: “The ‘in4nite’ project enables Low & Bonar to provide relevant design solutions extrapolating the aesthetical and functional properties of the Colback Technology.”

After visiting the top floor of ‘Building TQ’, which is filled with the results, we guess L&R can say that they succeeded; most of the ‘reinventions’ and/or designs seemed useful and ready for production. We think a visit to the ‘in4nite’ exhibit is certainly worth your while! Continue reading

Transitions 2 at DDW 2016

Transitions 2 at DDW 2016

Baars & Bloemhoff is a Dutch company which provides building materials for interior designers and -builders. For the Dutch Deign Week (DDW) 2016 Baars & Bloemhoff organized the project “Transition” (For the second time) and invited six Dutch designers to imagine and shape the materials; sold by Baars & Bloemhoff, into “Transitions II”. Wir sind gespännt to see why www.davidderksen.nl  www.klaaskuiken.nl www.sabinemarcelis.com  www.daphnalaurens.nl  www.paulheijnen.com  www.madebyrens.nl  were the chosen few designers, maybe that gets clear when we see the end-results next week, during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (22 – 30 October 2016).

More info: Baars & Bloemhoff blog and their Facebook Event.

Fuorisalone 2014: Workmates

Fuorisalone 2014: Workmates showing “Depicted” in The Lambrate Area in Milano during Milano Design Week 2014. Workmates are 4 designers (Rick Tegelaar, Caspar Tolhuisen, Joris de Groot and Klaas Kuiken) from Arnhem, The Netherlands. Or as they say themselves: “We are an open collective. the composition of which is always growing and changing in an organic fashion. The products of Workmates are characterised by a hands-on approach in which attempting, experimenting and working in a workshop is important” To emphasise this craftsmanship they showed their designs in a raw ambiance, an old garage, and placed their work in/on rough wooden crates. We, at Mimi Berlin, think that all the designs we saw are, next to clever and interesting, beautiful and they will be so even when placed in a more “slick” environment.

See more design in the Lambrate area on this blog