Viktor and Rolf Artists in Fashion

Viktor and Rolf

Who doesn’t know the fashion label ‘Viktor and Rolf’? If you don’t, no worries; you have a chance to see their work at the Rotterdam based Kunsthal. ‘Viktor and Rolf-Fashion Artists 25 Years’ the exhibition (made in collaboration with the Dutch designers and Canadian curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot.) is made with a great eye for detailing and fashion. The garments are wonderful and so are the installations and dolls! In a nutshell: Why don’t you visit the exhibition which celebrates Viktor and Rolf‘s 25th anniversary in fashion at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam!? Visit our YouTube Channel for some video’s we made.

While you are in Rotterdam make sure you pass by the Hyperrealism Sculpture exhibition as well!

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People at Hyperrealism Sculptures in the Kunsthal

Hyperrealism Sculptures

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team visited the ‘Hyperrealism Sculptures’ exhibition at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam the other day. This is a show with all kinds of sculptures of human beings, chosen from the last 6 decades or so. The exhibition is divided into themes. Some sculptures are life-sized and very realistic, some are larger than life, some are distorted and some are small.

People and Human Replica’s

Besides that it’s interesting to see these iconic sculptures in real life, another fun part of the exhibit is to watch the visitors and imagine they are part of the show. Just set yourself down somewhere and you’ll get a surrealist vibe at the same time as the realistic one!


Out of proportion, or playing with dimensions was a presentation-theme. Above ‘larger than life’ sculptures, on the left, Zharko Basheski’s ‘Ordinary Man’ and the 5 meters long ‘It’s a Girl’ by artist Robert Meuck.

Telling stories with exact human replica’s and props like cardboard boxes, by Peter Land and a white horse and bed by Tobias Schalke. The work by Maurizio Catelan speaks for itself, don’t you think?


Pop-art on show: sculptures which are very unrealistic, in our view.

We are big fans of the genre, so we were delighted to see the Refrigerator sculpture (2002, from an edition of 6. Produced by The Galerie Mourmans, The Netherlands) by Allen Jones, which is amazing! Also the ‘Chiquita Banana‘ girl by Mel Ramos (made in an edition as well, 2007) was one of our favorites. A wonderful work we’ve never seen in real-life before either is the pink-ish sculpture of a pregnant woman named ‘Beverly Edmier, 1967′, made by Kevin Edmier in 1998.

This exhibit has lot’s of sculptures which are true icons made by, for example, hyperrealistic pioneer Duane Hanson. After your visit you certainly will be more knowledgeable about the  sculpted, human body in modern art. Kunsthal Rotterdam, until July 1st.

Rüpert von Rom: Bond, James Bond

Rüpert von Rom: Bond, James Bond


If there is one Brit personifying chique and dapper it’s Bond, James Bond. Now, at the fabulous Rem Koolhaas building de Kunsthal in Rotterdam, a wonderful exhibition of probably the most famous British movie character of all time, 007, is on display. Designing 007: Fifty Years of Bond Style is basically a celebration of the impact Mr. Bond had on art, music, fashion, technology, travel and lifestyle. The exhibition is obviously a fashionable trip down memory lane. It really takes you back in the days when you were eating potato chips in front of the television watching the new Bond movie.
If the expo isn’t enough for the fans, de Kunsthal organizes cocktails parties on Friday 28th November and Friday 30th January. Remember; keep it chique. So no ‘shaken, not stirred’ jokes on the dance floor.

Baci di Rüpert.


Today it’s Sunday and we’re a bit late with our post. That’s because we went to church. To pray for Whitney Houston. (Ms Houston was found dead in her hotelroom yesterday evening, the eve of the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles > 11-2-2011)

‘Religion Today’, photo’s by Eddy Seesing. 1) Benedictijner_Abdis_Benedict_Thissen.2) Tibetaans Boeddhistisch lama Jigmé Namgyal 3) Sjiitisch_imam_Israfil_Demirtekin. 4)Doopsgezind_predikant_Alfred_van_Wijk.
These photo’s can be seen, today, if you will, at the Kunsthal, Rotterdam (last chance to visit: 2/12/12)