Mimi Berlins Attic Treasures for sale

Some of our Attic treasures, mostly clothes and shoes can be bought at marktplaats.nl.
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Designer Fashion

We have designer shoes, tops, dresses and bags and much more for low prices…….Lanvin, Bally, Celine, Boss etcetera.

Lanvin fall-winter 2013

Lanvin fall-winter 2013. Lets concentrate on a new wardrobe for this winter and start with one of our favorite shows, by Lanvin. So much to see here. The use of flowers, insects and butterflies translated into fluttering blouses, prints and sturdy jewelry, they give this rather dark and severe collection it’s light hearted touch. SO Much FUN to watch…and wear!

About the campaign: One woman can have many faces. Edie Campbell explored six sides of her imaginary self, portraying the diversity of the Lanvin woman.
(Film by Steven Meisel/Creative Direction — House and Holme, Ronnie Newhouse and Stephen Wolstenholme/Make-Up — Pat McGrath/Hair — Guido Palau/Set Design — Mary Howard/Videography and Editing by Gordon von Steiner) Photocredits: Runway photo’s via style.com. Atmosphere photo by Allessandro Galofalo (via style.com) Product photo’s via e-lanvin Ad campaign photographed by Steven Meisel, copyright Lanvin 2013 (via hautefashionafrica and trendhunter)