Disproportionately Large Masks

Disproportionately Large Masks

Women wearing oversized masks on the beach in Venice, ca.1930 Photograph of women wearing oversized masks on the beach in Venice, ca.1930. Eight women in bathing suits are lined up at center. They are all wearing masks that are disproportionately large. At left two of the masks resemble birdlike creatures with ears, while at center are four ugly human faces, and at right are an alligator and a frog. In the background is a tall oil derrick or amusement ride. There are several people dressed in regular clothes in the background at left, and the roof of a building can be seen at right. (via digitallibrary)

Rebecca Wilson’s Peaches

Rebecca Wilson did it again: She made statuettes which are irresistible for us to not love. Like her series Blow Me!, Dirty Rotten Peaches has a girly vibe, they are naughty and made with a great eye for detail, Simply Lovely! Dirty Rotten Peaches by Rebecca Wilson, ceramic statues available at Saatchi Online. Yours for only $320. buy now

dirty_rotten_peaches_rebecca_wilson(image courtesy of saatchi online and rebecca wilson)

“Dirty Rotten Peaches’ are part a body of work entitled Eat Me; Keep Me. The series focuses on the notion of self indulgence. In exploring the parallels between ‘valuable’ and ‘everyday’ I have drawn a symmetry of opposites between porcelain and confectionary items; both are similarly self indulgent, inspire desire and are coveted, but both are fundamentally frivolous. Found objects and fruits are cast in subtly stained porcelain, and details are delicately added using an icing bag. In ‘Dirty Rotten Peaches’ the innocent fruits transform tantalisingly into voluptuous little ladies bottoms sprouting delicate gold leaves and other unmentionable things.” read more on rebecca wilson’s site

Eva Stenram

Wow, these manipulated photo’s by Eva Stenram are magical! At first glance they seem to be vintage shoe fetish pin-up pictures, at second glance they still are very sexy! Although the images direct the mind in a severe way, they leave so much room for the imagination at the same time.

Eva Stenram on Drape XI “I turned this intriguing vintage pin-up negative into a new ‘Drape’ image. It will be shown at Pobeda Gallery, Moscow, in September. The print looks great (50 x 50cm).” (quote taken from her blog) Make sure to check out her site, her work is certainly worth the visit. (photo’s courtesy of Eva Stenram via mudwerks)

This post is so opposite of yesterday’s post: Knitted Tops, for women without legs. The pitch of the week.

Pitch of the week: Knitted Tops

How great are these pictures? They came from a knitting patterns magazine from the fifties. No Photoshop, and that’s how we like it, the poses are a bit peculiar because in fact the models (yes it is a job and talent) are uncomfortable posing with their bodies pushed through a hole in the background paper. It could be a circus act of the fashionable kind. Women without Legs.
This idea could be shaped in the form of an editorial, a movie or an actual sideshow/fashion show.
vintage knitted topsvintage knitted tops
(via vintagepatternsdazespast) (buy here)

Dear editors, stylists, art director’s and what have you….That’s the pitch for this week! Your Welcome, and have a nice day! xoxo Mimi

Please contact us when you are using this pitch, we’ll work out some kind of fee for Mimi Berlin xoxo

Cut or Hang

This post is especially for the depressed girls and women amongst our followers.
Clip taken from from We can’t stop video by Miley Cyrus (via mimi-berlin.tumblr)

Sarah Maloney, Skin – detail 400,000 glass beads, nylon thread, acrylic armature 42 x 23 x 170 cm 2003-12 photo: Steve Farmer (via thebelltsar)

If you’re really down and out make sure to view this message from Amanda Lepore.

Have nice day!