House Cats

Cats in your house: Leopards and tigers eating your fruit and messing up the bed…How glamorous can life be? This wonderful clip from Minder shows us how to spice up our rooms with some excitement. Wildlife in the comfort of your own home!!!house catshouse cats
GIF extractions from AMBIENT CONTENT “House Cats” by Minder (via alxbngala)

“House Cats” by Minder

Jungle Fantasy

The ultimate Jungle Fantasy is situated in a luscious, green forest where pink flamingo’s bathe in peace, just like in the paintings of Henri Robert Bresil. Mimi Berlin is wearing a leopard costume, not necessarily with the whip. She bounces freely through the trees like Marsupilami, in heels. Just That. Have a nice day y’all, with this fantasy in mind we are sure going to have one! xoxo Mimi

(photo’s via kinks3 / via letsgetlostin-paris)