Mendini Tribute Cinema at Moooi Mimi <3 the Font

Mendini Tribute Cinema

The Mendini Tribute Cinema is an initiative by Marcel Wanders and Milano Design Film Festival, it’s in honour of Alessandro Mendini. Seen at the Moooi venue at the Mediateca Santa Teresa, via della Moscova 28 in Milan. We, at Mimi Berlin, loved the simple font use for this pop-up cinema……….

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Graphic Design by Francesco Dondina

Graphic Design by Francesco Dondina

Caratteri Mobili a typeface designed in 2008 by Francesco Dondina for Edizioni Corraini. A 16 pages small book for the “I Sedicesimi” series by Corraini Publishing Company. The title works around the ambiguity of the italian word “mobile” that pertains both to typefaces and furniture.

Teen-age Alphabet

These images date from the sixties and seventies. Time hasn’t change much don’t you think?  Even the way we dress is only just slightly altered in detail, just like the kind of bikes we ride. Same goes for drugs, although heroin is very 2003…… but never mind that, it’s just a detail.
groovy mimi berlin
School alphabet card from the 1970’s (found by Paul Erschen). (via 4tones)
heroin mimi berlin
Book cover from the 1960’s (via backtowoodstock)

More alphabet’s you might find interesting:
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>THE CONTEMPORARY TEENAGE ALPHABET portraits by Julian Jensen May 09, 2008.

A Joan Crawford alphabet

A Joan Crawford alphabetA Joan Crawford alphabet

Arcylic on canvas, 215 x 300cm by Donald Urquhart, 2007. Taking the form of a beginner’s lexicon detailing the infamy of Mommie Dearest, Donald Urquhart describes his A Joan Crawford Alphabet as, “an obituary in 26 parts”. Labelled with the folly fonts of cabaret posters, Urquhart’s humorously crude drawings illustrate a life that was as famous off-screen as on, entwining Crawford’s iconic film roles with her scandalous personal life to create a portrait of a legend in collective consciousness. In her early career, Crawford became famous for her ‘rags to riches’ characters, and later for more psychologically dark roles. After her death in 1977, Crawford’s ‘true persona’ was revealed in a biography written by her daughter: a damning portrayal of egoism, alcoholism, mental illness, and child abuse. Though Urquhart’s painting looks spontaneous, his process is very labour intensive. Using the smallest brushes available to ensure total control of his lines he addresses each image with the devotion of an obsessive fan. Available as a poster at the Saatchi gallery webshop