Frieda Hunziker

Hunziker and other Dutch female artists

“One of the Masterly Women” (Een van de Meesterlijke vrouwen) is an exhibition showcasing “10 avant-garde artists you have to see” at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (open from June 15 until September 8, 2019.) The museum focuses on the period between 1915 and 1960. On show are works by artists such as Charley Toorop (1891-1955), Eva Besnyö​​​ (1910-2003) and Frieda Hunziker (1908-1966), all women who represent important trends in art. Next to art from the past you will find work by 10 Dutch female artists from the present, like Robin de Puy and Liselore Frowijn for example.

Our Personal Story

We have a personal story to tell about this artist.
As you maybe already know we, at Mimi Berlin, frequently visit thriftstores. Well, the other day we bought a litho that caught our fancy, signed by Frieda Hunziker. We didn’t know her name or work so we looked it up on the interweb. Although we liked the work, we imediately put it up for auction!


A very friendly couple bought the litho from us. They live in Franeker, in the house that Frieda built in the sixties for herself and her son! Since these people found out about the artsy history of their home, they started collecting Hunziker’s work. Isn’t that a nice coincedence with the exhibition opening at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam?!
We think it is.
And we are very glad that we learned some of the Dutch art-heritage by visiting our local thriftstore.


Hunziker was considered in the 50’s and 60’s as a remarkable and progressive artist. She exhibited regularly at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and was well-known within the art society. At the end of the 50’s, the work of Frieda developed towards abstract expressionism in which the figurative element never completely disappears. Her latest works are vibrant and powerfully colorful and they exude the self-confidence and vitality of Frieda. She continued to paint when she became sick and even until her death in september 1966. Her color symphonies never got a gloomy character.

Cobra Museum

Maarten Baas Makes Time at Dutch Design Week 2016

Maarten Baas Makes Time at Dutch Design Week 2016

Mimi Berlin Blogger team visited ‘Maarten Baas Makes Time’; an interdisciplinary exhibition curated by Dutch designer Maarten Baas, designed by Baas himself together with theatre director Joris van Midde, at the Dutch Design Week of 2016.  Binding factor of this exhibition was, of course; Time and Dutch design.

Situated at the entrance of the former VDMA Garage was a timeline of 15 chairs, designed by Maarten Baas, opposite of Maarten Baas’ newest work. The next space was filled with work by different artists like the ‘Minuted‘ installation by Gijs van Bon and Strandbeest, one of the evolutionairy animals by Theo Jansen, surrounded by a grid on the floor made with white sand named ‘Fossil Field’ by Iris van Herpen.

Next we passed musician Joost van Dijk playing the cello together with beats of time. The music was wonderful by itself but also perfect as a restful ‘backdrop’ for the next surprise of the ‘Maarten Baas Makes Time’ exhibition:

12 Times‘. Twelve wooden booths, all with a little window and a poem by Ingmar Heytze pinned to the side, placed in a circle. Inside the booths were situations to be seen in a mix of tableaux vivants, performances and/or design objects. For instance: a women was Continue reading

MBFW Fashionweek Amsterdam Saturday July 9 2016

MBFW Fashionweek Amsterdam Saturday July 9 2016

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team’s second day at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam.

We went to see three shows: First a Double bill with debutates Esmay Hijmans & TRINHBECX. Next the fashion show by professional Dennis Diem and last in row: Liselore Frowijn’s show, she graduated in 2013 at the ArtEZ, institute of the Arts in Arnhem. In between we got to meet and greet “The next generation of fresh young fashion professionals! Six talented young designers from The Netherlands”

Thahanks to Fashioncouncil’s Rachid and Liesbeth! Continue reading