Pet’s Hair

Edie Beale loved her animals, she used to feed Wonder Bread to raccoons that had taken up residence in the attic (via NY times) of the Grey Garden’s mansion, where she lived with her mother. She would never wear this t-shirt, she was far too glamorous for such a casual item, but the text strongly reminded us of her. (t-shirt available from The photo of Edie Beale was taken by Lois Wright, she lived with the Beales’ for 13 months and wrote a book about that (via robertdarling)

"the Beales of grey gardens"

Little Edie, at 56 years of age, without having had plastic surgery, was still just gorgeous. Amazing. Beautiful.

She certainly wasn’t insane or an alcoholic, she was an eccentric, suppressed by a domineering mother who never gave her the opportunity to find her own way and flourish. It’s such a tragic waste of a life never to realise one’s potential. Little Edie would have been absolutely formidable, had she just been given the chance.

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