Bodo Sperlein for Lladró

Bodo Sperlein for Lladró

How absolutely wonderful is this high-end porcelain serveware designed by Bodo Sperlein for Lladró!? It’s a retired series but we, at Mimi Berlin, found the butterknife with the horses’ leg as handle (!) at Mek in the Hartenstraat, Amsterdam. Auch Haben!Bodo Sperlein for LladroEQUUS and Lladro Re-Cyclos Magical

“Re-Cyclos is a creative proposal of new and evocative works made from Lladro’s classic figurines. Lladro Re-Cyclos Magical by Bodo Sperlein came into being when the porcelain brand invited prestigious designers from all over the world to reinterpret its creations. Well acquainted with the workings of porcelain, Sperlein decided to focus on Nature using delicate elements of Lladro to create new and surprising jewelry accessories, and lighting and decor objects” (read more Continue reading


Friends with You

FriendsWithYou  is the fine art collaborative of Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, working collectively since 2002 with the sole purpose of spreading the positive message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship™. As artists working in a variety of mediums, including paintings, sculpture, large-scale experiential installations, public playgrounds, published works and live performances, FriendsWithYou’s mission is to affect world culture by cultivating special moments of spiritual awareness and powerful, joyous interaction.

FriendsWithYou x Lladro. This series of ornaments symbolizes peace and the ideal of the purity of the spirit. Mixing simplified shapes and vibrant colors, our aim with this collection is to warm the hearts of all who come in contact with these pieces. Built on a visual staple of the ornament as it has been traditionally experienced, our goal was to bake in the idea of animism, giving each toy-like piece a soul.

Mushroom Bounce House & Happy Gift inflatable installation at the Scottsdale Art Festival

FriendsWithYou created a line of wishing amulets for the world called Wish Come True in 2008. These toys were created with the idea to empower all users with the magic of ritual and wishing. This concept was the first in many projects with the idea to make everyones wish come true simply by willing them. (all images courtesy of the artists)