Pastel Palace

“Just because furniture is big and luxurious doesn’t mean it has to look heavy.  So I chose solid and pastel colors for my furniture.” -Donatella Versace.)

apartment donatella versace Donatella’s apartment entrance
ds-600-desedede Sede couch DS 600, goes on for miles and miles (designed by U. Berger, E. Peduzzi Riva, H. Ulrich, K. Vogt in 1972)
pump cigarette gifPumps by C. Louboutin via from me to you

ivana trump bedroomIvana agrees with Donatella on color (Photo by Regine Mahaux/Getty) (more inside ivana’s home)

Shoes: Tipboxes for poledancing

Shoes: Tipboxes for poledancing
Well, I did some research. And I am happy tell you, the Hooker-Shoe trend is really on it’s return! (I’m a bit of a feminist you must know) I visited net-a-porter and only could find three suitable workshoes. Last season that would be much, much more. Sure, I did see more skyscraper platforms, but without the all important peeptoe. Although they lack room for tips. Here’s the Top three. And the winner is, number one:
  These lovely platforms by Versace/ €750

Number two: Giuseppe Zanotti/ €425. Number three (’cause it’s his core business. That’s not a fair competition) Christian Louboutin/ €895