Interview Magazine Deceased A Brief History

Interview Magazine

We all heard the news by now that Interview Magazine won’t be published anymore, it’s deceased of bankruptcy. We think it’s horrible for the employees. But for us, at Mimi Berlin that isn’t really sad news. Why not? you ask of us, well maybe some explanaton is in order here.

All you ever wanted to know about Interview Magazine

The first issue of the glamorous newspaper was published in late 1969. Yes, let that sink in for a moment; it was in the previous century! The magazine was started by Andy Warhol (1928-1987) and John Wilcock (also one of the five co-founders of the New York Village Voice newspaper.) Interview was a so-called underground platform. The magazine was very populair in the 1970’s and was read by the in-crowd of the entire globe. The iconic covers, made by Richard Bernstein (1939-2002) from 1972 to 1989, date from that period.


Brant Publications, Inc

Afer the death of Andy Warhol, Peter Brant (Brant Publications) acquired the magazine in 1989. Ingrid Barbara Sischy (1952-2015) became the editor until 2008. Continue reading

Bedding on the Cover of Vogue Magazine

Bedding on the Cover of Vogue Magazine

Then and Then; Christmas and Summer covers.

(Thahanks Doubleyoudee)

Liza Minelli: One Face

Liza Minelli: One Face

Or, how to stay true to your image (or rather youself?), on and off stage. and keeping it fashionable as well! Chapeau Ms Minelli!
A lifetime (or timeline) of short hair, jazzhands and huge, black eyelashes.

Starting in the 1960s………

With Halston and with Sammy Davis JR.

Always keep you stance.

Ms Minelli by Terry O’Neill.

Liza Minelli by Terry Richardson, 2011 (for LOVE Magazine)

The last picture is of Liza Minelli in 2012 (via the washington post)