Dutch Fashion Design Prizes 2018

Dutch Fashion Design Prizes 2018

It’s that season of the year again! It’s raining (fashion) design prizes in The Netherlands! There are many winners, so we will only mention the fashion designers (just because we can). Bas Kosters was awarded with the annual ‘Fashion Stipend’ by the Prins (Prince) Bernhard Cultuurfonds (Culturefund). Johannes Offerhaus, Maison the Faux, Scheuller de Waal and Lisa Konno were the fashion designers amongst the 24 winners of the ‘Dutch Design Awards 2018’

Congratulations to you all!

(images by Mimi Berlin and via baskosters.com / www.dutchdesignawards.nl)

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

Thanks to a gift from an anonymous patron, the ‘Cultuurfonds Mode Stipendium
of €50,000 is awarded annually. Continue reading

ArtEZ Arnhem Fashion Shows 60th Edition 2018

At the Arnhem Fashion Shows 2018

The fashion design students at ArtEZ Arnhem got to show their talent at the city theatre ‘Musis Sacrum‘. Featuring the collections of this year’s fashion graduates, 20 of them in total; 16 Bachelors and 4 Masters. Also including CollectieArnhem 2018, ànd work by the first- and second-year BA fashion students. We, Mimi Berlin Bloggerteam, (in particular Herr Kaldenbach) took (backstage) photo’s for y’all who could’t be there.ArtEZ Arnhem Fashion Shows 60th Edition 2018

Graduating Students 16 + 4 = 20

Anna Bernal, Iris Baumbacht, Emmy Hermans, Nina Pen, Merrit Koek, Dennis Schreuder, Alicia Minnard, Douwe de Boer, Amarens Joustra, Amber Willemtzijn, Guusje de Bruin, Naomi Marcela, Mehdi Mashayekhi, Sarah Kerbosch, Jolijn Corporaal and Maria van Steenhoven: 16 BA Students. Emma Wessel, Henriette Zimmerma, Gala Borovic and Manon Gondek: 4 MA students.

Projects by 1 + 2 + 3th year students

The Project ‘Biuqs’ designed by the first year students, executed in neon orange and (off)white only, opened the show. Second year students worked within the team ‘Fashion Galore’ presenting the results in an over-the-top, make-believe fashion-shoot. And the annual CollectieArnhem showed the 2018 version of the project for the second time this year.

(Images by JW Kaldenbach at the first and second show 7/06/18.
We did our best to figure out placing all the names at the correct collections….if we made a mistake please let us know! xoxo MIMI) Click HERE for MORE Images.

Anniversary 60 + 20 =

This was the 60th fashion show held by the fashion department at ArtEZArnhem (university of the arts). And the 20 year anniversary of the ‘CollectieArnhem’ project.
ArtEZArnhem certainly succeeded to turn this show into a small celebration! Continue reading

Closing Show at Amsterdam Fashionweek by Maison The Faux

Closing Show at Amsterdam Fashionweek by Maison The Faux: FAUXmosapien

Maison The Faux are Tessa de Boer and Joris Suk, they are based in The Netherlands. (read more about MtF Here on this blog) Let us begin by describing the show venue at the Westergasfabriek. It was filled with 12, neatly lined up, Ergoline Prestige1600 tanning machines. If you didn’t know these were sunbeds you could easily imagine yourself being in the hibernation room of a spaceship traveling in time (think Aliën or A Space Odyssey for example) Anyways: it all looked great! Placed at the beginning of the catwalk, in front of the huge movie screen, was a centered ‘check-in desk’ with an entertaining performance by 3 hostesses. All this looked like something Mr. Lagerfeld could come up with for a Chanel Show…. Okay; enough about the inspiration/dreamed-up world Maison the Faux shared with us, the audience, after all this was a fashion show. The collection was divers within it’s design-format: it included extreme looks (so-called ‘experimental’) with a follow up on more wearable designs (so-called ‘commercial’) In our opinion covering both qualities in one collection is an intelligent and strong way of communicating with the audience. It helps you to understand (unconsciously or not) why you need that striped dress (and the photographed outfits below). Without kidding; communicating by means of fashion isn’t an easy thing to accomplish, but SO nice when it happens! Don’t worry if you missed this show; there will be a second chance to see it at New York Fashion Week in September.


MBFWA Exhibitions and Performances

MBFWA Exhibitions and Performances

Many, many exhibitions and performances were to be seen at the 24th edition of the fashion week held in Amsterdam (and we’re not including the “off-schedule” program)

1-Fashion exhibition: Dutch Heritage (more about that here on this blog). 2-Confidential: Jazz Kuipers. 3-Antoine Peters x Oscar Verpoort. 4-Barbara Langendijk x Jochem Esser x Lisette Ros. 5-“The Future Generation” platform: (second edition; during the full closing day, so no shows on monday) in which young designers can showcase their work in any form they want to express themselves in; performances, installations, video’s well, anything but a fashion show (maybe they can, but they didn’t) “The Future Generation” program is divided into parts; -“The “Brave New Monday Hotel” a mock hallway with rooms of circa 3×4 meters in the transformatorhuis, with rooms for Zyanya Keizer, Camiel Fortgens, Anneloes van Osselaer, Karin Vlug, Jasna Rokegem, Cry Havoc Foudation, Sophie Hardeman and Martijn Nekoui -Closeby but not in the “Brave New Monday Hotel” installations by the German duo Blond & Bieber (a Berlin-based design studio which develops concepts and processes at the border between textile and product design since 2013) and –Painted Series (aren’t they more “previous or this generation” than “future generation”?) were on exhibit, –Maison the Faux held a pefrormance in the Gashouder, the main and largest venue at the Dutch Fashion Week. –Talkshows were hosted by Aynouk Tan.

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Maison the Faux at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Maison the Faux at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Maison the Faux is a fairly new label which showed for the second time at Amsterdam Fashion Week, they presented their newest collection “Make a U-turn if possible” for Spring 2015 at the Transformatorhuis, the smallest catwalk at Amsterdam Fashion Week. It’s hard to describe this show, we won’t even try. Luckily we made a short movie so you can see and hear for yourself. Important part of this show were the musical performers; Steal Me, three ladies with great voices and the same amount of hysterical power as the collection and the setting of the show at the Transformatorhuis.

Designers Joris Suk and Hans Hutting presented a romantic collection with a nineties-hippie-rave vibe to it (to put it in a nutshell). Lingerie-inspired shapes and fabrics with romantic touches, such as for example chrochet and ostrich leather (in violet) passed us by. Combined with more down-to-earth prints (made with fashion illustrations) and sturdy jeans which were soft, over-sized, bell bottomed, bleached, torn and ripped to complete the total look. (We saw these jeans at their first show last season; maybe they are a Maison the Faux “Basic”?), With all garments being detailed to the bone there was a lot to see! Maison the Faux has many ideas and we love the fact that they want to share them with us in just one show (styled by Ruud van der Peijl). But, more importantly, they managed well to mould all these ideas into one collection. In our opinion they showed the full package, including ravishing jewelry and bags.

See more catwalk photo’s by Peter Stigter HERE / See more backstage photo’s by JW Kaldenbach HERE / See some Party-Snaps at Amsterdam fashion Week by Mimi berlin HERE

Fashion Week in Amsterdam: movies

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam January 2014: Movies to accompany Mimi Berlin’s previous post on Fashion Week in Amsterdam

MimiMovies aren’t always knackscharf, they are made to give you an idea of what a fashion show, or mostly the finale, looked like. For professional clips best go to the Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam site