Mimi’s Green Hands Algorithm Collection

Green Hands

Let’s show a small selection of images with green hands, why not?! They came to us by means of an algorithm: and we, at Mimi Berlin, “don’t look a given horse in the mouth”
Have a Nice Day! xoxo Mimi

Sometimes a social media algorithm works in your favor. These images of green hands for example are a real good ‘image editing’ subject for us at Mimi Berlin. For these kinds of matching images we used to search and collect for weeks on end. Nowadays they just are a gift, too easy and boring for us. That’s why our ‘image editing‘ posts are quite limited these days.

How to Preserve Nail Polish

How to preserve Nail Polish: Maybe you can relate to the following: You’ve spent maybe one hour of your precious time getting your nails done. Like you know you should do it: Two layers, waiting between layers for a minimum of ten minutes. Then the drying: Touching nothing for at least 15 minutes. But then, as you go outside to parade these little beauties: BAM, a schratch on the shiny surface of your fingertips! How do you preserve the color and keep the polish free from scratches? Mimi Berlin dove into finding the answer to this question. Well, not really, but we did find a 7 (SEVEN) step tutorial for yous at Wiki how. Seven steps is too much for us at Mimi Berlin, so we’ll just live with those ugly scratches….

(credits: anna lomax)