Marni Market Playland in Milano

Marni Market Playland in Milano

We, at Mimi Berlin, didn’t attend the Salone del Mobile 2017 this year because we missed our flight. But that you now by now, if you follow our blog….. Well, this week we will be posting about venues, designs and other places we feel we really missed out on. Being the Fashion Angels that we are we feel sorry for missing Marni‘s Playland installation. Luckily there are lot’s of pictures, gif’s and what have you not, on the interweb. And Marni also created a mini-market online for us to buy stuff from. Like the bag pictured below; which is actually a ‘Maxi geometric vase holder’ or a “trapeze-shaped-PVC- Artefact-product-with-possible-mperfections”; LOL!

“On the occasion of Milan 2017 Salone del Mobile, Marni will be transforming its space at Viale Umbria 42 into one big playground: MARNI PLAYLAND.
Reflecting on the concept of play, Marni invites the public to forget predefined rules and structures and interact with the surrounding space and the intriguing elements it contains. The MARNI PLAYLAND is a stretch of sand which is the perfect backdrop for a series of extraordinary objects and furniture sculptures that have cast practicality aside to embrace their playful side, leaving them open to interpretation.” (read more

On Marni’s Youtube channel you’ll find more video’s and more images are to be seen at


Fuorisalone 2015; Marni Mercado de Paloquemao

Fuorisalone 2015; Marni Mercado de Paloquemao

In occasione del Salone del Mobile 2015 lo showroom Marni di Viale Umbria 42 si trasformerà in un mercato di frutta, il Marni Mercado de Paloquemao.
Ispirato all’omonimo mercato di Bogotá, Colombia, Marni propone un allestimento in cui i protagonisti sono i colori sgargianti dei frutti esotici di una terra lontana, le loro forme e una loro interpretazione. Come per il progetto Animal House dello scorso anno, anche in questa edizione ogni pezzo è unico ma declinato in diversi colori. I frutti diventano sculture realizzate in metallo e pvc che possono essere contenitori, nelle dimensioni più grandi, o oggetti decorativi per il centrotavola in quelle più piccole. Il set-up dell’installazione invita alla convivialità, da vivere intorno ad una grande tavolata, arricchita dalle sagome dei frutti esotici e apparecchiata con piatti di latta decorati a mano con motivi d’archivio Marni. Intorno alla tavola le nuove sedute Marni, in metallo e intrecci di pvc colorato. Sgabelli di varie forme, intrecci e colori completano la collezione. Una libertà espressiva nella scelta delle composizioni che si riflette nelle collezioni Marni, dove ogni abbinamento è unico e inaspettato.
Un ricco convivio dove gustare ananas, guanabana, zapote e curuba: sono i frutti che Marni ha portato dalla Colombia, con l’intento di far conoscere al pubblico della Design Week sapori diversi, proponendo nei giorni di sabato 18 e domenica 19 Aprile workshop tematici. Anche quest’anno le edizioni limitate di oggetti e di arredi sono state realizzate interamente a mano in Colombia, coinvolgendo un gruppo di donne che attraverso il lavoro hanno trovato la propria indipendenza ed emancipazione.
Marni Mercado de Paloquemao sarà aperto al pubblico dal 14 al 19 Aprile, dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 19.00.

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How to get married in Shanghai

One fine day in the week-end during a stroll in the Peoples Park we found out how to get married in Shanghai. Or rather, one of the ways to get married. To speed up the process of marriage, parents advertise their kid’s. They line up their umbrella’s with an attached contact ad. These ad’s are simply stating the height, job, housing, car etc. or whatever their offspring has to offer, below that information is stated what they need in return for their child. Young Chinese have little time for play, they spend most of the time studying, that’s why the parents feel the need to help and find a partner. The children are nowhere to be seen at the park (they rather visit the mall in the little spare time they have) it feels like a meeting place for the parents as well, you see them browsing and chatting to each other in a friendly and relaxed way. Setting up dates for their children. We were told that if the date doesn’t work out, it’s fine, mom and dad will search for another date on the marriage market

Cricket in a Jar

Cricket in a Jar, or crickets as pets if you will. In China the people used (early antiquity) to have crickets for the sound they make. Nowadays they are kept for cricket fighting. They can be bought at the local market. The insects are held in little cups ranging from old cans to embellished “cricket pots” The buyer chooses a cricket by listening to the sound he makes and how it reacts when touched. To activate the little animal it gets pricked with a little stick so the buyer can compare the crickets. The size of the crickets on sale varies as well; tiny ones are held in small boxes containing a single corn, bigger ones in a wooden “cage case”. Chinese cricket culture and cricket-related business is highly seasonal. Trapping crickets in the fields peaks in August and extends into September. Cricket fighting season extends until the end of autumn.