Willy the Westler

Hi, I am Willy the Westler, I hide my face because I often act in a violent way. I live secluded in the woods but you can find my place easily. I like my colors bright; for anything I am, do or possess, so I can keep focused on whatever I need to be focused on.tumblr_ncl0p1NoOJ1qk03yyo1_500
Poster for westler Brazo de Oro, which means “Arm of gold”in Spanish (via semensperms)tumblr_ne5baw5euk1rpvkb2o2_500
Didier Faustino adds “explosive architectural installation” to André Bloc’s 1950s villa (via throughjo)tumblr_nd1p4yGUCg1r62zwpo1_1280Markus Linnenbrink, Disorientating Rainbow (via leslieseuffert)

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