#59 Magazine

#59 Magazine; Black and white photography galore! Mimi Berlin visited the head quarters of #59 Magazine in Amsterdam the other day. Dutch photographer Mart Engelen is the father of #59 Magazine, a large glossy newspaper-like magazine filled with black and white photography. The love of Mart Engelen for (vintage) black and white photography reflects in #59 magazine; the magazine is beautifully printed and has no staples or (glue) binding. We won’t elaborate on that any further, It’s always best to go and see it for yourself; the magazine is for sale at selected stores worldwide (in Amsterdam at Pols Potten and the Van Gogh Museum in Paris at Colette and at Musee d’Orsay in Antwerp at Graanmarkt 13 in Milan at Corso Como 10) Mart Engelen is a photographer himself, his work is accompanied by interviews from his hand, he is interested in traveling, art and photography…. Furthermore, Engelen is a collector of, amongst others, Jean Dieuzaide, Edward Quinn, Andre Villers and Ernst Scheidegger. Part of his collection can be seen and bought at the Suite 59 Gallery in Amsterdam www.59magazine.nl.

Office visit in Amsterdam

The other day we visited the headquarters of EH&I magazine. The editor in chief has a colorful and inspirational office. The office matches the aesthetics of the interior design magazine perfectly.
office visit in amsterdamoffice visit in amsterdamoffice visit in amsterdam

All photo’s by Mimi Berlin.
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Studio visit in Amsterdam East

Today we visited the studio of the artists duo Freudenthal/Verhagen.
Situated in a former harbour warehouse, built in 1892, also a formerly squatted building, completely renewed into workplaces. Freudenthal/Verhagen have been working here since 20 years or so. Freudenthal/Verhagen’s work is very imaginative, so is their studio.
Although filled with various things their studio is very tidy.


Travigantissimo: Tonight we have a presentation at O-P-A Arnhem.
Come on and join us! Sjoerd Vroonland and Iris Bijvelds will be there as well! We will be talking about craftsmanship (and fashion) at the Salone del Mobile (Poster designed by Igor Teuwen, using Mimi Berlin’s photography)

“vakmanschap is meesterschap” (craftsmanship is Master) Vintage beer commercial by Paul Huf. (to get you in the mood for tonight.)

Studio visit in Milan, Tortona area

Today we visited the Traviganti Metal workshop in Milan. A large place with lots of interesting machine’s. Craftsmen make all kinds of metal objects, functional items such as beer taps and vases and less functional object such as larger than life Fabergé eggs, robots, horses with Swarovski stones, and other useless luxurious stuff. Amazing! It was a true joy to visit this studio. This workplace isn’t very tidy, the work is.

Mimi Berlin made a presentation on Travaganti and the Salone di Mobile in Milan 2011, for OPA Designcafé, of May 2011; Arnhemilano travigantissimo. Graphic Designer Igor Teuwen used our Images for his poster design announcing this presentation.

Office visit in Milan, western part

Today we visited the office of Rossana Orlandi and Co. A very tiny and very crowded place, situated in the middle of her gallery. It’s nothing more than a wooden cubicle, it looked vintage to me, under all the modern clutter that is.The gallery is situated in an old tie factory the cubicle offices dates from this time, so does the shop on the first floor. This office resembles the gallery on the spot!
Rossana Orlandi by Tom Dixon, and a drawing by Maarten Baas