ArtEZ Fashion Design presents Collectie Arnhem 2016: Flux/Reflux

ArtEZ Fashion Design presents Collectie Arnhem 2016:  Flux/Reflux

The Collection Arnhem 2016 show was held at Amsterdam’s convention center RAI, in the newly build “Amtrium” on the second floor, a space with a view (on houses, designed by Berlage.) decorated with wall to wall carpet in bright purple. Venue and collection were a perfect match. The main color-scheme of Collection Arnhem 2016 (women’s wear) is bright and colorful; red, white, black, aubergine and blue with copper accents. Fabric use ranges from lightweight and semi-transparent knits to heavy, almost blanket like fabrics, equally shaped into huge, chunky and draped silhouettes. The models walked the stage crossing each other constantly in what seemed a random path, that created a beautiful cadans (the concept was streamlined by By B.Y. and coached by Kim Vos). Heavy coats (they were kinda sexy) dragged slowly over the carpet, while dresses reminiscent of beauty-pageant-sashes floated over the catwalk acompanied by wonderful, multicolor knits. The joy, love, creativity and hard work the third year students* must have put in this project could be seen in the Collection Arnhem 2016 show!

Mimi Berlin Blogger Team went backstage and noticed that the students all were very proud of what they have accomplished. The way they handled the garments, explained the collection (by showing the workbook) to the sponsors, helped the models undress (with cotton gloves), showed us that the students have respect for each other and love for what they created. Both the show, and backstage were a true joy to experience!  Continue reading

MBFWA Futura F/W 2016

MBFWA Futura F/W 2016

Futura is a “Dutch men’s- and womens wear fashion brand focusing on clean, minimalistic, timeless designs. Ran by Anne Bosman, Sanne Schepers and Tom Renema.” (read more and based in Deventer, The Netherlands.

The Futura collection for W2016 sure was Fresh & Clean! Schepers and Bosman managed to show a smart balance between everyday outfits and fun pieces! Mimi Berlin Blogger Team says; Auch Haben!
If you missed this show, no worries you can catch up with Futura at the SEEK fashion trade show in Berlin this week.

Dear Futura, thanks for the frontrow pic, we enjoyed the show very much, Thanks for inviting us. xoxo Mimi

MBFWA Exhibitions and Performances

MBFWA Exhibitions and Performances

Many, many exhibitions and performances were to be seen at the 24th edition of the fashion week held in Amsterdam (and we’re not including the “off-schedule” program)

1-Fashion exhibition: Dutch Heritage (more about that here on this blog). 2-Confidential: Jazz Kuipers. 3-Antoine Peters x Oscar Verpoort. 4-Barbara Langendijk x Jochem Esser x Lisette Ros. 5-“The Future Generation” platform: (second edition; during the full closing day, so no shows on monday) in which young designers can showcase their work in any form they want to express themselves in; performances, installations, video’s well, anything but a fashion show (maybe they can, but they didn’t) “The Future Generation” program is divided into parts; -“The “Brave New Monday Hotel” a mock hallway with rooms of circa 3×4 meters in the transformatorhuis, with rooms for Zyanya Keizer, Camiel Fortgens, Anneloes van Osselaer, Karin Vlug, Jasna Rokegem, Cry Havoc Foudation, Sophie Hardeman and Martijn Nekoui -Closeby but not in the “Brave New Monday Hotel” installations by the German duo Blond & Bieber (a Berlin-based design studio which develops concepts and processes at the border between textile and product design since 2013) and –Painted Series (aren’t they more “previous or this generation” than “future generation”?) were on exhibit, –Maison the Faux held a pefrormance in the Gashouder, the main and largest venue at the Dutch Fashion Week. –Talkshows were hosted by Aynouk Tan.

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MBFWA Sistaaz of the Castle by Jan Hoek and Duran Lantink

MBFWA Sistaaz of the Castle by Jan Hoek and Duran Lantink

Sistaaz of the Castle, is a project by photographer Jan Hoek and fashion designer Duran Lantink, in which they explore the colourful looks of transgender sex workers that roam the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. Most of the girls are homeless, living under a bridge beside the Castle of Good Hope. The local sex workers’ organisation, S.W.E.A.T., gave Hoek and Lantink the opportunity to meet and collaborate with their transgender support group Sistaazhood. Hoek and Lantink zoom in on six girls from the community: Coco (25), Cleopatra (23) Sulaiga (30), Gabby (29) Flavinia (33) and Joan Collins (57). Duran Lantink gave shape to the girl’s ultimate fantasies; one of the girls imagined herself working in a luxurious Victorian brothel, an other girl wants to become Miss Africa; those kinds of dreams. Jan Hoek photographed the girls in this full-force-fantasyland in Cape Town.

What Hoek and Lantink found in South Africa they brought back to The Netherlands; that’s what we got to see at the fashion show; Lantink gathered all the fantasies, including his own, and created the dream-couture-capsule collection. Amongst this collection the dream-outfits made in Cape Town were also on show; presented on a tableaux vivant-like mini stage on wheels, which was pushed over the catwalk by even more models (in all shapes and sizes known to human kind) who were wearing Bonne Suits in combination with shirts with photo prints by Jan Hoek. On the backdrop screen we could see Jan Hoek’s photo’s accompanied by quotes of the South African girls of the Sistaazhood.

The work of Hoek and Lantink matches (or complete) each other very well, and so do the South African girls and their the environment, a perfect match! Mimi Blogger Team was impressed and had to take a quiet moment by themselves after the show. Well done!

This project can be seen during MBFWA into two parts;
-MBFWA; The Sistaaz of the Castle dream-couture capsule collection, which was on show at the Gashouder (January 16, 2015 in Amsterdam).
-MBFWA OFF SCHEDULE; The Sistaaz of the Castle photography exhibition at Foam Amsterdam (opens on January 13 at 17:30 and is on view until 20 January 2016.)

Sistaaz of the Castle is made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Art of Impact, MiaP Foundation, Fonds Kwadraat, Fotolab Kiekie, SWEAT, Vice Media and various donors.” (read more

Day 3 MBFWA Debutantes at Fashion Lab

Day 3  MBFWA Debutantes at Fashion Lab

Again, on the third day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, Mimi Berlin Blogger Team went to see what the Dutch designer’s (and one designer from the Phillipines) want us, the public at MBFWA, to wear in the next Fashion-Winter-Season (that’s the Winter of 2016/2017). Mimi Berlin Blogger Team visited “Fashion-Lab” presentations by Anbasja Blanken, Happy Andrada and Esther Haamke.

Young, Amsterdam based, designer Anbasja Blanken presented her first collection, made under her own name, called “Day Dreamed”. Romantic-glittery-ruffled women’s evening wear based on “The cloud”, a poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley. (view previous work of Blanken here on this blog)
Phillipine based designer Happy Andrada and Amsterdam based Esther Haamke presented together during one show. International award winning Happy Andrada is also a bridal wear designer but she showed a sturdy evening wear collection for women. Esther Haamke showed the second collection she ever made; The “Fortune Collection”; colorful streetwear for men and women.

More on MBFWA Jan/2016 HERE on this blog


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