Tallest Men on Earth in the 20th century

Tallest Men

The three men pictured below were some the tallest men on earth, in the beginning of the 20th century. Ralph ‘Tex’ Madsen or the ‘Tall Cowboy’ was photographed in 1919 on the steps of the Capitol in the US of A. The German soldier, photographed and captivated at Calais in 1944 is believed to be Jakob Nacken. After WWII he returned to New York, where his job was being the largest Santa Claus in the world. Gogea Mitu a.k.a. ‘Goliath of Romania’ was a boxer from, yes; Romania, photograped here in 1935 together with an ‘opponent’. They all most likely suffered from gigantism don’t you think?

How lovely and strange are these images?!
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(The photo’s were originally made in black and white, they have been colorized later on- via @historycolored)
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New Shop in Amsterdam: Menage à Trois for Men

New Shop in Amsterdam: Menage à Trois for Men

Yesterday* Mimi Blogger Team attended the festive opening of the new men’s department at the Menage à Trois shop in Amsterdam. MENAGE men’s department carries the following brands #joseph#marni#yproject #cottweiler#chalayan #yangli#sunnei and #agnautacouture. We suggest you go to the staalstraat in Amsterdam if you are in need of a new outfit!New Shop in Amsterdam: Menage à Trois for Men

(imagecredits: JW Kaldenbach/menage à trois) The store has an entertaining fußball table!

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Gay Love in the Victorian Age

Gay Love in the Victorian Age

all images via http://victoriangentlemeninlove.tumblr.com check that out for more men in love and making love portrayed in the victorian age.

Fall 2014 Menswear Prada

Fall 2014 Menswear at Prada. What a lovely show, judging from the video (see below) it must have been awesome to sit in the audience! We are not sure why we also see women on the catwalk at a menswear show, but we always like that, it puts everything in a more clear perspective for us. Wow! look at those retro feel gabardine coats and jackets, the fur coats with the seventies feel to them! The pimp shoes and the buttery soft leather dresses. We also loved the and the down-to earth, or traditional silhouettes and the styling with the tied scarves! (but you know that already)  BUT wait a second….what’s up with the bomber (literally; bombs-strapped-to-the-body) type jackets? Oh aha, under a pretty coat they become more easy on the eye! Phew… BAM whats up with those shoes? The ones with the plastic architectonic shaped heels? No, those are never right, nothing can make up for them! We hope this footwear does not catch on in the form of a trend at, for example, GEOX. Anyways, enough with the negative vibes. It is a lovely show to watch: and friends of Mimi Berlin: do notice the orchestra playing Live Music, simply in one word w o n d e r f u l!

(all images from style.com)

Walter van Beirendonck & Richard Lindner

Walter van Beirendonck & Richard Lindner do fit well together in the spring/summer season 2014 for men.

(Images from the runway show by Walter van Beirendonck from style.com/Images by Richard Linder via wikipaintings.org)