Shop dot Beyoncé

 Shop dot Beyoncé


#shop #shop #shop
I twirl on them haters
I got hot sauce in my bag
I ain’t sorry
me, me, me
Beyoncé, Beyoncé and Beyoncé

Mimi thinks Beyoncé nails it!
Which item are you gonna buy?
We will have the crewneck, it matches our MimiMug perfectly!

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High-End Entertainment at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

High-End Entertainment at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

High-End entertainment while shopping; A visit to Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche during fashionweek 2016 in Paris is fun!

Iris in Paris; For this exhibition Ms Apfel came up with 10 moments such as; “a visit to the museum” or “on a terrace”. These moments include an outfit and a short movie. The small exhibition is accompanied by items that are for sale; Iris Apfel produced a capsule collection of objects in collaboration with different brands. Giant necklaces and bracelets designed by Luc Kieffer, a fur bag designed by Iris Apfel herself, huge sunglasses and more “Apfel-like-accessories”. For a friendly price you can also buy yourself some merchandise produced by Le Bon Marché; a mug, notebooks, umbrella’s or an “Iris in Paris” Bag. The exhibition can be seen on the groundfloor of the world’s oldest department store. (Feb.26/April16/2016).

In January 2016 artistic director, Frédéric Bodenes, invited Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to exhibit at Le Bon Marche. Mr Weiwei created 22 delicate, symbolic animals out of paper (or is it silk?) and bamboo. They hang, very tasteful, from the ceiling of, and in, the open escalator spaces of the department store. They give a fairytale-like experience when you pass them going up and down the escalators; and POOF before you know it you’ll be swiping your credit card!

Adventure Time’s BMO

Adventure Time’s BMO

BMO is a living video game console, portable electrical outlet, music player, roommate, camera, alarm clock, toaster, flashlight, strobe light, skateboarder, friend, soccer player, video editor, video player, tape player and Chef. BMO looks like a half-Macintosh half-Game Boy Color with Atari 2600 controllers. It also shares some traits with a Vectrex. BMO is a medium-sized teal/blue-green handheld gaming device, sometimes appearing with one or two controllers attached to it. When it is not being played it has an 8-bit face. (via/read more) He, or it, appears in the animated series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward in 2008, which is aired by Cartoon Network. BMO’s image is good for some fine merchandise like the ones above but we’ve also seen watches and notebooks to die for! Continue reading

Rubber Duck in China

Rubber Duck in China. Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck is very Popular during Beijing Design Week. BJDW adapted the image of the rubber duck for merchandise (badges, an actual bathtub version in a pretty box and yellow shoes), so did everybody else. At the Summer Palace, where it lies, you can find the duck all over the place. First as signing on the floor (so you know where to find it) next as a photo opportunity; re-sized both for parents and kids. The BJDW merchandise is sold in giant white eggs, the (counterfeit?) fluffy toy by people in the streets. The last encounter is with the Giant Rubber Duck itself, together with a gazillion other people you can stroll or paddle your way around this yellow icon. For us, at Mimi Berlin it was a long anticipated, but weird trip …

Why are these photo’s so foggy? You ask of us. Well today the smog-alarm was 305 AQI, that’s why.

LV x YK: Collaborating.

After Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami, Yayoi Kusama will be collaborating  with Louis Vuitton. You know that we absolutely love Ms Kusama, but we’re not sure about the combination with Louis Vuitton. The products and  pictures we’ve seen so far are a bit, well ehm, like H&M would collaborate with a designer. But if you don’t care about that and you like dots, well, than you’re in (dot) heaven. Available from July 11, 2012.

You can see all the LVxYK accessoiries on purseblog

Previous collaborations.
“No reason” Coca-cola vending machine, 2005. Notice the cans at the top!(via)
Yayoi Kusama for the Audi 100th Anniversary Exhibition, 2009

Yayoi Kusama for the Audi 100th Anniversary Exhibition, 2009.(via)

iiDA mobile phones and Yayoi Kusama, 2009 (via)

Moutarde après le repas.
For Ms Kusama it’s no first time collaboration with a fashion label, in 2011 she created an exhibition with Comme des Garcons. Louis Vuitton and Comme des Garcons collaborated with 2008. I guess that information rounds this post up neatly!