World Premiere: Miles Aldridge (after Cattelan) at Reflex Gallery

World Premiere: Miles Aldridge (after Cattelan) at Reflex Gallery

Reflex Gallery has presented the latest series ‘(after Cattelan)‘ by British Photographer Miles Aldridge at the photography-fair Unseen Amsterdam: a world premiere. For the ‘(after Cattelan)‘ project, Miles Aldridge was invited by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan to photograph in his exhibition ‘Not Afraid of Loveat the Musee de la Monnaie in Paris, which will run through and to respond to his art. This special collaboration resulted in a series of six pictures, in which Aldridge’s models are having a dialogue with the most famous sculptures by Maurizio Cattelan .

If you haven’t been to the Unseen Amsterdam fair you probably will have a chance to see and/or buy this work if you visit the Reflex Gallery

(images credits: reflex gallery / mimi berlin/

Mimi Berlin’s Rebus puzzle #20: Red balloon

Light Entertainment: Mimi Berlin’s Weekly Rebus Puzzle.
Just Fill in The Blanks!

They are having a walk .. +DR +K the park(photo by Miles Aldridge, Vogue Italia, August 2011, via)

This is a vintage Vogue magazine ….. C=Mo -V E= R R=E (15 May 1941 via)
Model Olya Ivanisevic is holding a red balloon .. +G her hand.(photo by Ellen von Umwerth, 2007, Vogue Italia via).


This is a very easy rebus puzzle don’t you think? We will still put the answer up tonight, don’t worry!