Mimi Berlin has a Copycat

We understand that when Mimi Berlin is your given birth name you want to name your company likewise. BUT do not browse our concept and just take whatever you fancy.
Consistently putting a –dash– in the name doesn’t make the difference.
Choose your own visual language, get your own personal story and concept. We really don’t want or need an identity mix-up, we are Mimi Berlin and we are very different from what mimiDASHberlin has to offer.

We are NOT amused by mimiDASHberlin. Actually that is an understatement, we feel violated. This copycat has been taken the short road, she has been looking at our concept far too close for comfort. (see proof of that fact below on the screenshots we took) Get your hands of our intellectual property mimDASHberlin!
You may think that we are overreacting. Well, we are not. It really took us a long time and lots of energy to create Mimi Berlin. Yes, Mimi Berlin is a creation, it’s a concept designed by creative minds. That is what we do, we make our living by designing concepts, amongst other services. So what, feeling violated is still a bit strong, you say to us. Our answer is: On top of Mimi Berllin being our livelihood, it’s concept is very personal, it is who we are. Maybe we’d feel less violated if we created a concept for somebody else, if a company like mimiDASHberlin had hired us, but they didn’t, and we don’t think so.

If you agree with us that copying intellectual property is a shame and should be stopped please LIKE on FACEBOOK. Aug 5 2013: You can’t anymore>we were blocked for publishing this post, and we understand but we were angry.
If you have (had) the same problem please share with us, maybe we can learn how to fight this kind of theft.
Thank you, xoxo Mimi

some of the concept designs we created