Mom Maria from the PowderBox Girls by Mimi Berlin

Mom Maria from the PowderBox Girls by Mimi Berlin

Mom Maria is one of the PowderBoxGirls made by Mimi Berlin. Like all the other women in this series he has her own story; This is Maria, she is a secluded person and does her job at night in an anonymous way; she covers her face with latex. Maria was a stay-at-home mom by day, but her son just died. She is still in mourning so she visits his grave most of the time, Actually, she visits every day and brings flowers.Mom Maria from the PowderBox Girls by Mimi Berlin

Mom Maria, 2016, Mixed media (plastic cube, 1920s porcelain halfdoll, marked ‘foreign’. Compact powder box ‘Vogue’ 1970s, petit trinketbox with portrait of a boy, latex, oversized pin.) 10 x 10 cm. Continue reading

Working Title: Toys For Girls by Mimi Berlin

Working Title Toys For Girls by Mimi Berlin

Sketches for new work. Statuettes which you can actually play with! Made with found and collectable objects of plastic, glass, rubber and brass,

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Flower Botanical Models

Flower Botanical Models

Maybe more pretty than real flowers, maybe not, either way…Auch Haben!

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Fuorisalone 2014: Danish Design

Fuorisalone 2014: Danish Design. Three women designers stood out for Mimi Berlin at the Danish pavilion at Lambrate. Nikoline Liv Anderson with her fashionable heads made of papier-maché, yarn, stout fabric glass and acrylic. Marianne Nielsen with her Flower Arrangement in glazedstoneware. Anne Fabricius Møller with her “Street Print”. Inspired by English etchings from the 1600s she made a ten meters long cotton cloth and printed it, with a reactive textile dye, with objects she found on the streets.